How to Stage a Wedding Reception at a Greater Boston Venue

Greater Boston Wedding Reception in Milford, MACouples who want to save a little bit on wedding costs will often take over the job of a wedding planner and try to coordinate everything for their classic wedding reception on their own. It can be overwhelming when you start thinking about all of the things that need to be done. However, if you start by touring venues, have a basic idea for the theme of your wedding, and know the style of celebration you want to host, it gets a lot easier. Greater Boston area party venues are all over the place and are available in a wide range of price points and sizes. One of the best-kept secrets about hosting a Boston wedding is taking the reception out of the city.

There are so many things to do in the Greater Boston area that it can become a distraction. Plus, there’s a lot of parking issues, traffic complications, and other things that can detract from your special day. A lot of local couples understand this and might get married at the big church or special venue in the city, but will move the after party out to the suburbs where the prices are more affordable, the parking is more plentiful, and the traffic is pretty much non-existent. The Crystal Room is a premier wedding venue tucked away from the bright lights and noise of the city, yet it has all of the amenities and opportunities you could ever desire.

Step One: Securing the Venue

Choosing reception locations in Milford, MA can be a great way to accommodate all of your guests in a setting that is much more fitting for the type of reception you want to plan. Schedule a tour of The Crystal Room and discuss all of your ideas for your celebration with our on-site event coordinator. Clients who choose the Custom Wedding Package enjoy the support and services of our experienced event planners who can assist with many different areas of your wedding day that relate to the venue. This is a great way to get the insight and experience of a professional wedding planner without all of the cost.

Step Two: Start With the Dance Floor

The best way to get started to stage a wedding reception is to choose where the dance floor will be located at the venue. Setting up tables and special areas for activities can quickly fill up any room, so it’s best to work with the venue to pick the best spot for the dancing to occur. Once you get this down, you can begin to work in all of the tables that you will need for your guests and the space for everything from the wedding cake to the guest book table, a spot for gifts, and even the place where you will toss the bouquet. Many reception locations in Milford, MA already have a designated area or recommended a spot for the dance floor. It can be very helpful to take the lead of the on-site planner in this area.

Step Three: Choose Your Tables

What kind of tables do you want for the classic wedding reception? Long, rectangular “family style” tables or round banquet-style settings? Do you want a table for the entire wedding party or a special “sweetheart” table for you and your new spouse? There are lots of different options that can be selected to arrange the tables for you and your guests. This is another area where Greater Boston area party venues can be helpful. Our on-site event coordinator has probably seen just about every configuration and can help you pick the best option to suit your needs.

Step Four: Consider VIP Tables

Another great way to honor those closest to you is to put certain guests at VIP tables. While seating arrangements are recommended for every classic wedding reception, putting parents, grandparents, siblings, and best friends who are not in the wedding party at the tables closest to you and your new spouse is a smart idea. Not only are these the people who will likely want to see you the most on your special day, but by putting them at special VIP tables, you are letting them know how much it means to you to have them there.

Step Five: Buffets and Bars

If you serve alcohol, ask the venue about the proper number of bartenders needed to meet the needs of your guests effectively. Some weddings will only have the champagne toast and then basic beer and wine being served, but you will still want to make sure you make room for the bar in your plans. Candy and dessert bars are also popular choices for weddings, so if you want to add one of these when you stage a wedding reception, make sure to include them in your plans. The same is true for dinner buffets if you won’t be doing a plated menu, along with any other special tables or stations that you want to present.

Step Six: Save Space for Activities

Make a list of all the traditional elements that you want to include in your classic wedding reception. Tour the reception locations in Milford, MA to make sure that there is room for tossing the bouquet, cutting the cake, a place to put gifts and cards, a spot for a guest book, and anything else that is important to you. Some venues, such as The Crystal Room, even have options for a special bridal suite that you can use for wardrobe changes, makeup and hair touch-ups, or to relax between events.

Visit The Crystal Room in Milford, MA

When planning a wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to think outside the box when it comes to picking Greater Boston area party venues. Take a tour of The Crystal Room and see for yourself why so many couples choose our facility out of all the reception locations in Milford, MA, and the surrounding area. Whether you want a classic wedding reception or something totally modern, give us a call at 508-478-7800 to speak with our staff. We can answer any questions that you might have about how to stage a wedding reception or can schedule you for a tour.