How to Stage a Wedding Reception in Southeastern Massachusetts

Wedding Reception Floorplan in Southeastern MassachusettsPlotting out the floorplan for your New England wedding is essential to its success. Whether you choose to work with a professional wedding planner or decide to get together with family and friends to plan your special day, learning how to stage a wedding reception is important. Figuring out where everything will go, from the guest tables to the wedding cake and everything in between can be a big job, but once it’s done it will give you a good sense of everything that needs to be accomplished for your wedding reception in Milford, MA.

Ask the Venue

When you take a tour of The Crystal Room, make sure to communicate with our event planner to get insider information on the best place to set up specific wedding reception activities and discuss reception menu ideas. The services of our knowledgeable staff are included with the Custom Wedding Package, which can be used to create the wedding celebration of your dreams. Make sure to take advantage of all the options available in the venue package to reduce the amount of work you will need to do and to pull your wedding plans off without complication.

The venue can also help give you details about lighting options, sound, staging areas for live bands or DJs, and the best place to situate the dance floor. For most weddings, the dance floor is the central focal point of the entire reception. Once you get that placed, you can figure out where all of the guest tables, buffet tables, bar areas, and activities will occur throughout the party. Things like photo booths, gift tables, cocktail areas, and more will all need to be included in the floor plan to ensure that there is enough room. The benefit of working with the venue staff is gaining insight into how other couples have used the space to host their wedding receptions successfully.

Choose the Tables

Another thing that must be considered to stage a wedding reception is the size and shape of the tables. Once again, the venue where you host your wedding reception in Milford, MA can be a huge help here. While larger tables will seat more guests per table, they can often take up a lot more room than strategically-placed smaller tables. There are also benefits associated with round tables versus rectangular tables, so make sure to get the details from the event planner. Some couples choose to serve the meal “family style” at a large table for all guests, while others prefer the traditional banquet seating arrangement with multiple round tables scattered about the space.

The number of guests and the theme of your wedding can help to dictate which way you should go with the tables. Your budget will also play a part. When it comes to large tables versus smaller tables, consider that with a guest list of 120, you might be able to get away with 12 tables that seat ten guests each or do ten tables that seat 12 guests each. That means two fewer centerpieces and linen sets that will be needed to seat all of your guests. Depending on the size and type of centerpieces or table decor that you want to use, that could add up to considerable savings. Again, your choices will depend significantly on a number of different factors based on your unique needs and plans.

Secure the Space

Before you sign any other contracts or hire any other vendors, make sure to secure the space for your wedding reception in Milford, MA. Once the venue is locked down, you can start making plans for wedding reception activities, pick out attire for the wedding party, meet with a florist, and start tasting wedding cake! The place where you will hold your first celebration together is a cornerstone for the entire reception. Everything from figuring out how to stage a wedding reception to nailing down reception menu ideas will all flow much easier once you secure the venue.

Schedule a tour of The Crystal Room by contacting our staff at 508-478-7800. We can provide you with information about our facility, let you know about availability for your desired dates, and help you make important decisions for your special day. We serve couples from all over Southeastern New England and are conveniently located just a minute off the I-495, making it easy for vendors and guests alike. Call today so you can start firming up plans for your wedding right away.