Ideas for Cutting the Cake at Your Shrewsbury Wedding

The tradition of cutting the wedding cake together as bride and groom is said to symbolize the promise made by the couple to walk in unity as man and wife. Despite all the planning that goes into picking out the cake, choosing the flavors, debating over the decor and selecting just the right instruments to cut it, when you actually cut the wedding cake at your wedding reception, it will go by in an instant. However, it never hurts to plan ahead of time and create a game plan for you and your groom to follow to ensure that it goes smoothly.

Step One – Picking the Wedding Cake
Make sure to choose a wedding cake that has the flavors that you and your groom both enjoy. If you hate chocolate – don’t get chocolate. If you both love lemon, consider getting a lemon cake. This is your wedding, and while there are a lot of wedding traditions that we all love to adhere to, the flavors on the inside of your cake should be entirely up to you.

Choose a cake that will also reflect the style, colors and theme of your wedding reception. You don’t need a $1,000 eight tier blinged out wedding cake if you are only inviting 50 guests and are using a country chic decorating theme. Visit local bakeries for your Shrewsbury wedding and consider asking the reception hall manager for suggestions of vendors they’ve used before in Milford to expand your options.

Step Two – Choose a Good Location
You will want to make sure that all of your guests can see you and your groom cut the wedding cake. Some guests look forward to this part of the wedding traditions more than anything else. You also want to make sure that the cake is in a safe location prior to cutting it so nothing happens to it when you throw the bouquet or if guests get a little crazy in their dance moves.

Make sure the wedding photographer that you hire is aware of the location of the wedding cake so he can plan out photo ops and positioning in order to get the best possible photos. It does happen quickly, so you’ll want to make sure he doesn’t miss a thing.

Step Three – Make a Plan
Talk with your groom well in advance of the wedding if you have strong opinions about wedding cake etiquette. Some couples can’t wait to smoosh wedding cake into each others’ faces, while some brides are more concerned about safeguarding their wedding dress from cake and frosting.

If you want to do something special, such as intertwine your arms or feed cake to each other in a comical way, make sure to rehearse it ahead of time as well. You don’t want to leave such a fleeting moment up to chance.

Step Four – Think About Music
Whether you hire a band or a DJ to provide the entertainment at your wedding reception, you’ll want to make sure they have something special to play during the cake cutting ceremony. Choose a song that reflects your love for one another, or pick something fun and memorable.

Ask the DJ, band leader or singer to announce that you will cut the wedding cake to get guests over to the designated area in time to see it happen. This will also ensure that the entertainment is cued up to play your special music at the right time.

Step Five – Cutting the Rest of the Cake
Make sure that you have servers or family members ready to finish cutting the rest of the wedding cake to serve it to guests. Many caterers will handle this for you, but you should make sure to ask about this in advance of your Shrewsbury wedding.

Some brides choose a small cake for the ceremonial cutting and use mini-cupcakes or pre-cut sheet cakes to serve to guests. Look into these options if you won’t be having servers to make sure your guests get their piece of wedding cake without having to resort to cutting it themselves.

Step Six – Relax and Enjoy
With all the planning that goes into your wedding reception, ceremony and considering all the wedding traditions involved, its important to remember to relax and actually enjoy the festivities and not get too caught up into executing the plans. If you are a control freak and know it, you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner or enlisting a bridesmaid to help you in this area.

Sometimes just knowing that someone else has everything under control can allow you to ease up and enjoy the moment. Savor the feeling of your groom’s hand over yours as you cut the cake to symbolize the unity that you will share together for the rest of your life. You don’t want to be thinking about the details in that moment – just each other.