Last-Minute Summer Wedding Reception in Milford, Massachusetts

Summer Wedding in Milford, MAMost professional wedding planners will tell you that you need at least a year to plan a classic wedding reception. Some will say they can squeeze it all in with about six months of planning. However, if you were to approach a wedding planner in April and say that you want help planning a summer wedding during this calendar year, they might just hang up the phone or laugh in your face. Planning a wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts – or anywhere for that matter – can be a huge undertaking. However, the most important part about planning your reception isn’t figuring out what decorations to hang or plotting out reception staging ideas, it’s about securing the perfect venue.

With many brides planning a summer wedding, as it is the most popular wedding season of the year, and a majority of those brides giving their planners a full year to get everything taken care of, chances will be slim to none that you will be able to get the venue for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts that you want most. But, it pays to be smart and learn how to think outside the box when it comes to getting that classic wedding reception of your dreams. This article will provide you with tips on how to plan a last-minute summer wedding reception right here in Milford without having to sacrifice any of the plans you always dreamed of incorporating into your day.

Securing the Venue
From the moment that you and your fiance agree to start planning a summer wedding with just a few months advance notice, you need to start securing the venue. The Crystal Room is a premier venue located in Southeastern Massachusetts that has a solid reputation in the local region for hosting beautiful weddings and elegant parties. Chances are going to be good that we will be booked for all of the most sought after dates during the summer season if you are just getting started in the spring, but it pays to look at alternative options for your wedding celebration.

Some of the things that you should ask about include:

  • weekday wedding receptions
  • daytime wedding receptions
  • late night wedding receptions
  • ceremony and reception at one location

In some cases you might find that while all of the Friday, Saturday and Sunday dates are filled from now through the first snowfall, there could be Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays available for daytime or nighttime celebrations. You could still host your classic wedding reception at one of the most beautiful venues in Milford if you are willing to plan it for a less popular day or time. Speak with our on-site event coordinators for all of the available options for planning a summer wedding this late in the season. You might be surprised at what could be available if you are flexible.

Reception Staging Ideas
Another challenge to last-minute planning for a wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts is taking care of hiring the vendors, such as bands or DJs and getting a cake. You also need to think about reception staging ideas and decorations. One way to bring it all together is to pick a theme for your classic wedding reception. A theme can be anything from a simple color-based theme of your wedding colors, seasonal colors or colors that complement the existing decor at the venue. A theme could also be something that reflects your interests. Having a theme helps to keep everyone on track with decorations for the tables, walls, ballroom, cake, invitations and other essential elements.

Another great way to streamline everything is to choose all of these things from the Custom Weddings package available here at The Crystal Room. We provide all of the basic details you will need to pull off a classic wedding reception in just a few short months, reducing the amount of running around and planning that you will need to do. Let our team take care of it for you – all you need to do is work with our on-site coordinator to make your own custom choices from our package options, which include:

  • floor length ivory linens
  • your choice of napkin color
  • elegantly framed table numbers
  • champagne toast for all guests
  • four-course plated meal
  • cake cutting service and cake enhancements

Other items can be added to further customize when planning a summer wedding. Choose from a wide array of options, such as a seating board for guests, multi-tiered flowing beverage fountain, ambient up-lighting, customized monogram, photo booth, beautiful centerpieces for tables, chair covers and sashes, chiavari chairs, colored table cloths, custom wedding cake, limo services, floral packages, complete entertainment package, complete photography or videography packages, and much more. The Crystal Room can help you with all the details you require for a memorable wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts.

Call today at 1-508-478-7800 and speak with our on-site coordinators to start planning a summer wedding today. We can help you with everything from reception staging ideas to menu planning and much more for the classic wedding reception of your dreams!