Low-Budget Holiday Party Planning in the Greater Boston Area

low-budget-holiday-partyThe holiday season can be a great time to throw a party. Whether it’s to celebrate the autumn harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years or any other special day, it is important to create a budget and stick with it. From purchasing seasonal party decorations to scouting out reception locations in Milford, MA and the surrounding area, learning how to make smart purchases and decisions along the way can make a huge difference. It is possible to have a great holiday party at a Boston area banquet hall without spending a fortune. Today we are going to talk about tips that you can use for low-budget holiday party planning that will impress your guests and put everyone in a festive mood.

Tip #1 – Plan Early
The best time to plan your December holiday party is right now. The sooner you can start making plans and nailing down the venue, hiring a DJ and getting decorations together, the better your chances are of saving money and getting the best deals available. When checking out venues for your party, make sure to check out reception locations in Milford, MA that have a lot of parking for you and your guests. The Crystal Room is a recently renovated and beautifully designed party hall that can be decorated and set up according to your specifications. Just make sure to secure the space as most venues fill up during the holiday season. Consider hosting your party a few weeks before or a few weeks after the holiday that you are celebrating in order to get the best rates and availability options.

Tip #2 – Be Flexible
While everyone might want to throw their holiday party on a Friday or Saturday night, you can beat the crowds and open up your calendar a bit by being flexible and considering throwing a mid-week event. Instead of evening parties, also consider afternoon affairs, especially for an office get together or business oriented celebration. Catered luncheons, either served as a plated meal or buffet style, can be a great way to get everyone together without interfering in personal holiday party schedules. Check your Boston area banquet hall to find out if afternoon options are available and remember to be as flexible as possible in order to get the best rates and availability this busy time of year.

Tip #3 – Shop Smart for Decorations
When it comes to buying seasonal party decorations for your low-budget holiday party planning, it pays to shop early. Just like setting the date and securing a space at reception locations in Milford, MA, you should go shopping for decorations as soon as you decide to throw the party. If you start shopping early enough, you could save 50-75 percent on the cost of those items when they are “in season” toward the end of the year. Buying in the spring or summer can save you a lot, but the earlier you can start shopping the better. Sort of like shopping for Valentine’s candy on February 15th, you can save even more if you buy holiday decorations when the store puts them on sale right after the holiday ends.

Tip #4 – Cater In-House When Possible
Another thing to consider when doing any type of low-budget holiday party planning is the type of food you are going to serve. Make sure to work with the event planner at The Crystal Room to learn more about in-house catering options. Not only will you save money by having your catering done by the venue, but you can also rest-assured that nothing will go wrong and that the food will be there at the time you specify. This will give you more control over the event as a whole and can help you with coordinating all of the features that you will have at the reception venue for your guests to explore and enjoy. Choose from a variety of catered menu items or ask about specialty options for holiday parties.

Tip #5 – Avoid the “Open” Bar
One way to save money is to set up a special signature cocktail for your party at the Boston area banquet hall and serve wine and beer, along with soda pop and water. Instead of allowing guests to order their own mixed drinks, a signature cocktail that goes along with the theme or seasonal party decorations for your event can prevent your guests from drinking too much too fast, which can help you avoid problems that can occur at open bar events. If over indulging is a common issue at your parties, consider providing guests with drink tickets to limit the number of drinks to 1-2 per customer. This will also help cut down costs associated with your low-budget party planning.

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