MA Bride: What Your Choice of Wedding Flowers Says About You

One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is choosing the wedding flowers. There are so many different types of flowers that need to be selected and purchased for the wedding day. Of course there’s the bouquet and the flowers for the wedding party to think of, but there’s also the floral centerpieces and flowers for wedding receptions that need to be chosen – and it should all coordinate together.

Some brides choose their floral wedding theme based upon their wedding colors or the time of year, however it is important to know that your choice of flowers for your wedding says about you and your special day. While each culture views flowers differently, the following outline will give you a general guide of the accepted meanings here in the New England area and across the United States. This guide will help you choose the best wedding flowers whether you are getting married in Attleboro or anywhere else in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

Meanings Behind Wedding Flowers
A lot of people are unfamiliar with the “language” of flowers. While most of us know that roses mean love and a dozen mean, “I love you;” when it comes to all of the other wedding flowers in the garden, we don’t have a clue. Even if no one else knows what your choice in flowers means, your floral wedding theme that carries through the ceremony and floral centerpieces at the wedding reception, can be a secret message of love between you and your groom.

  • Baby’s Breath – One of the most popular “filler” flowers in all of North America, Baby’s Breath symbolizes innocence and is available for your floral wedding theme year round.
  • Calla Lily – The myth that all lilies symbolize death was broken with the popularity of the Calla Lilly used in floral centerpieces for weddings and receptions. This tropical flower symbolizes “magnificent beauty” and is available through the spring and summer months.
  • Carnations – Traditional wedding flower, which works great for flowers for wedding receptions as well as filler in the bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres and other displays. Carnations are available year-round.
  • Daisies – This sweet flower comes in a variety of shades, is available year-round and symbolizes the sharing of feelings. Great for bouquets and floral centerpieces as part of your overall choice of wedding flowers.
  • Delphinium – An excellent choice to use as flowers for wedding receptions, the Delphinium symbolizes “lightness and swiftness” and is available primarily in the summer months.
  • Freesia – This very fragrant spring and summer flower looks beautiful in bouquets and symbolizes the innocence of the bride. Very affordable compared to other blooms, you can use Freesias throughout your floral wedding theme.
  • Gardenia – Symbolizing purity and joy, Gardenias are a popular choice for boutonnieres and bouquets. They are inexpensive, available year-round and come in a variety of colors, making them excellent to use as flowers for wedding receptions and ceremonies.
  • Hydrangea – Available in a wide variety of colors, these flowers are excellent for floral centerpieces and can be used as a part of your overall floral wedding theme. Symbolizing understanding and grace, they are quite expensive and are only available in the spring and fall months.
  • Iris – If you want to share a message of faith and wisdom with your groom, there’s no better choice than the Iris. Best used in arrangements or as potted accent flowers for wedding receptions, the Iris is only available for spring weddings.
  • Lilacs – A great filler for the bridal bouquet and other wedding flowers arrangements, the purples, pinks and crisp whites complement a variety of floral wedding theme colors. Very strong in fragrance, these flowers represent love’s first emotions and are available locally in the spring.
  • Orchid – These exotic flowers are quite expensive, but come in a variety of sizes and colors. The orchid represents love and beauty and is the perfect bloom for corsages and boutonnieres.
  • Peony – If you want a truly patriotic floral wedding theme, the Peony is said to stand for “the American Spirit of determination and ambition.” Available in the New England states in late spring, these flowers are perfect for brides getting married in Attleboro and throughout the region of America’s history.
  • Roses – Perhaps the most traditional wedding flowers ever, roses symbolize beauty, joy and love. They can be used in bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and floral centerpieces. Roses are available year-round and range in price depending on color and variety.
  • Sunflowers – A recent trend has seen many an autumn bride and bridesmaid carrying a single Sunflower stem down the aisle. Sunflowers mean adoration – a perfect symbol of your singular love for each other. Available only in the fall months, these flowers are also a great choice for floral centerpieces and used as flowers for receptions.
  • Tulips – Symbolizing love and passion, the late spring bloom of the Tulip seems to have been created for the classic June bride. These flowers can be used in bouquets, arrangements and as floral centerpieces both at the ceremony and during the wedding reception.

Messages in Color
The colors you choose for your flowers can also hold meaning. For example, a floral wedding theme that is primarily white represents innocence and purity, which is why the bride’s gown is traditionally white or off-white. While many people think of the color black as being sad or too dark for weddings, accent in black, such as black roses or sprayed flowers used in floral centerpieces, can help to add an elegant touch to a wedding with a classical theme.

Red flowers for wedding receptions and ceremonies are also traditional, conveying a message of strength, power and love. Variations on this hue include crimson, dark burgundy and other popular shades. Pink is also chosen quite often for its statement of femininity and sweetness, such as tea roses, carnations and Gerber daisies. Blue represents peace and security, making it a great choice for bouquets, boutonnieres and as a complementary addition to flowers for wedding receptions.

The color purple symbolizes prosperity, wisdom and royalty, giving your wedding flowers and floral centerpieces a strong hue without being too overpowering. Yellow, which is a perfect complement to purple by the way, represents optimism and happiness. There is an entire rainbow of yellow-shaded flowers to choose from, making it a great choice for a monochromatic floral wedding theme if you are getting married in Attleboro in the spring and summer months.