Making Memories: Best Massachusetts Wedding Photo Ideas

When it comes to wedding photo ideas, you might think it’s impossible to find an original or unique idea. However, all it takes is a little imagination, a bit of inspiration and a wedding photographer who is willing to go the extra mile. Between the location of your ceremony and the venue for your wedding reception, there will very likely be a lot of inspiring New England locations to stop and take wedding party photos.

Scout out all of the locations starting with the place where you got engaged, to the place where you’ll say “I do,” the place where you’ll have your first dance together as a couple and the place where you’ll leave the reception hall to rush off to your honeymoon. Speak with your wedding photographer and let them know your thoughts and that you are looking for unique wedding photo ideas. If your photographer has worked an event at the location of your wedding or reception, they might even have other suggestions that you hadn’t considered.

The Bride and Groom Photos
A quick look through Google or Pinterest will get you all sorts of beautiful ideas for traditional and modern bride and groom photos. Here is a list of twelve ideas to help get you started and hopefully inspire you to think of that perfect photo opportunity for your special day.

  1. A Moment in Time – Black and white photo of the bride and groom sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop (perhaps where he proposed?) in bridal gown and tuxedo, with regular patrons sitting at other tables or waiting in line.
  2. K-I-S-S-I-N-G – First comes love, then comes marriage. An endearing photo of the bride and groom sitting in a tree: barefoot, holding hands and looking sweetly at each other.
  3. On Horseback – Combinations could include the groom holding the bridle with the bride sitting on horseback or the bride sitting side-saddle on horseback in front of the groom.
  4. The Dinner – An ironic shot of the bride and groom complete in formal wear in a gorgeous setting with crystal chandeliers and candles, with gigantic cheeseburgers and fries on fancy china and crystal stemware, while sharing a big milkshake with two colorful crazy straws.
  5. Country Romance – The bride in a formal gown with a long train being pushed in an old tire swing that hangs from an old, overgrown tree in the countryside.
  6. The Boat – Features the bride and groom in a rowboat on a lake or pond. The groom can be rowing the boat and looking in her eyes or smiling. The bride can be sitting across from him smiling back or lounging back on a pile of colorful pillows while gazing at her groom.
  7. Jumping – Action shots are a lot of fun for everyone involved. The bride and groom photos that include the couple jumping on a trampoline, in a bouncy house or on a big, fluffy bed will be a great conversation piece in years to come and will beat a boring traditional, stoic pose any day.
  8. Wildflower Fields – Spring and summer weddings can benefit greatly from the abundant blooms of the season. A photo of the bride and groom sitting in the middle of a field of wildflowers or a shot taken from above on a tall ladder can create a beautiful image.
  9. Using Props – A plain background in a studio with a single loveseat, wicker chair or other piece of furniture with the bride and groom sitting together or with her sitting on his lap. Other poses would depend on the furniture used and the theme of the wedding.
  10. The Dance – The bride and groom dancing in an unusual location, such as the middle of an intersection, out in a field, on top of a roof – use the location and scenery around you to scout out the perfect spot for this shot.
  11. Bella Notte – Recreating the iconic scene from the Disney animated film, Lady and the Tramp, feature the bride and groom sharing a plate of spaghetti and meatballs with a giant piece of pasta between them. Consider adding a “fun shot” of the groom rolling a meatball to the bride with his nose.
  12. Sports Nuts – For a bride and groom that are into sports, consider wedding photo ideas that include a trip to a football field, baseball stadium, tennis court or golf course. Bring all the equipment and be prepared to have fun trying to play in your wedding clothes.

Wedding Party Photos
Another over-done shot that most wedding photographers have taken hundreds, if not thousands of times, is the “everyone stand shoulder to shoulder to get the whole wedding party in.” Think beyond the traditional and the classic to create memorable and fun photos of your special day. Here are eight ideas for memorable wedding photo ideas that can be used for the wedding party.

  1. Best Friends – A shot of the bride and her maid of honor laughing and playing like they did when they were little girls. Jumping on a bed, playing a game, riding bikes, jumping rope or whatever it was that you used to do together years ago.
  2. Mirror, Mirror – There are a lot of creative wedding photo ideas that use mirrors in wedding party photos. One would be to use a reflection of the bride in a mirror that is surrounded by her bridesmaids; and another would be to use a reflection of the bridesmaids in a mirror held by the bride.
  3. Behind the Scenes – A shot of the wedding party from behind to show off the train of the bridal gown, as well as the bridesmaids dresses. Use bouquets to add color and texture to the shot and an over the shoulder or side glance from the party to see smiling faces.
  4. Faith and Prayers – A photo of the groom and his groomsmen standing in a circle with a hand on each shoulder, heads bowed in prayer to reveal the faith and commitment of the wedding party in support of the union.
  5. Using Props – This idea was shared in the bride and groom photos suggestions, but for a wedding party, either just the bridesmaids, just the groomsmen or the whole wedding party, consider using props, such as lacy umbrellas for the ladies, golf clubs for the men, floral bouquets, teddy bears, kittens – just choose something that means something to you.
  6. Cake Topper – With the bride standing on top of a prop, surrounded by her bridesmaids, flower girl and other wedding attendants, it becomes a perfect means of showcasing the beautiful wedding gown, veil and train.
  7. White Space – Choose a location where you can have the groom stand in the middle, flanked by his groomsmen with about six feet of space between them for a great landscape width photo. Great for military weddings in uniform, as well as in suits or tuxedos. Stand with arms at side, folded or at attention.
  8. Signs – Another fun idea is to have the members of your wedding party hold signs or letters that spell out a special message – something to thank guests for attending or to remember your big day.

There are tons of great wedding photo ideas that you can browse, use and take inspiration from to use at your wedding reception. Ask your wedding photographer for any ideas that they have used before in the New England area, such as special locations, photo opportunities, lighting effects or seasonal options. When it comes to capturing all those special moments in your wedding party photos, it can really pay off to think outside the box.