Massachusetts Brides: Planning Ideas to Host a Bridal Shower

bridal-showerThere is so much planning that goes into a wedding that it can sometimes be overwhelming. When it comes to making plans to host a bridal shower, you can afford to have a little fun and let your maid of honor or bridesmaids help you out. Basic tips, such as incorporating your seasonal wedding colors and choosing the best reception locations in Milford, MA can sometimes go without saying, but all of the tips for Massachusetts brides that are included here will help you to enjoy the special day before your special day without stress or worry.

The Sooner – the Better
The first thing you should do when planning to host a bridal shower is to think about when you want to have the party. Do you want to do it the weekend before the wedding? Or even sooner? Some brides will have the bridal shower the month before the wedding, while others prefer to host it the day or weekend before the wedding in place of a “bachelorette” type of event. Once you set the date for the wedding, you can make plans for the bridal shower. The sooner you select a date for your entire wedding event, the sooner you will be able to start checking out venues.

Pick the Location
Make sure to begin scouting around for a good reception hall or private party room to host your bridal shower. You can sometimes do this while you are out looking for a good place to host the wedding reception. In fact, some venues, such as The Crystal Room, have the ability to host a bridal shower, ceremony and wedding reception all at the same location, making it simpler for friends and family, as well as bridesmaids and other friends helping with decorations and other setup plans.

Choose a Theme
Whether you decide to go with a theme of something that is important to the bride or to the couple as a whole, or if you just go with the seasonal wedding colors and theme of the wedding itself, having a theme to go by will make things a lot easier when you host a bridal shower. Themes help you get the ball rolling on ideas for decorations, cakes, catering options, party games and other important elements. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to pick a theme that won’t make you uncomfortable or that might be difficult to do at popular reception locations in Milford, MA.

Check With the VIPs
Who are the VIPs of your bridal shower and wedding party? Well if you are the maid of honor of another wedding party member and are doing the planning for the bride, you had better check with the bride! Make sure specific VIP guests can make it: the bride, the bridesmaids, the bride’s mother and anyone else who would be considered a must-attend for the event. There are usually a lot of last minute fittings and loose ends that have to be taken care of leading up to the big day, so make sure to plan the bridal shower at a time that will be convenient for everyone. If there are a lot of people flying in for the wedding or members of the bridal party that live out of town, you might want to schedule the shower for a few days before or the week before the wedding. If everyone is local, your calendar could be more open to available dates.

Gift Guidelines Are Good
Some people go way off to a weird place when they think about gift-giving for the bride. Wedding registries are great for the actual wedding gifts, but when you host a bridal shower, most of the invited guests will bring an extra gift just for the bride. Traditional gifts can include lingerie and other items for her trousseau, but you want to be careful about what gifts get given. Tips for Massachusetts brides in this area is to do a separate gift registry at an appropriate place and ask guests to stick to the list to avoid uncomfortable gifts. However, if the bride wants raunchy gifts or humorous presents (that require batteries), make sure to tell everyone that “anything goes” on the invitations. Just think about whether or not the bride will want to open something like that in front of her mother – or future mother-in-law!

Send Formal Invitations
You don’t have to go crazy on the invitations when you host a bridal shower, just pick some nice invitations and send them out by mail – or hand them out in-person. Make sure to include directions to the reception locations in Milford, MA and any specific information that you want guests to have about when to show up, what to expect and what kind of party it will be. Also include extra details, such as whether children are invited to attend (or not) and how late the party is expected to last. This will help to avoid potential issues on the day of the event.

Provide Food and Desserts
You don’t have to host an entire sit-down meal for the bridal shower, but a nice buffet-style luncheon or trays of beautiful appetizers are a great idea. You can even have it catered, do it potluck style with everyone bringing a dish, or just get some finger sandwiches and fruit trays – whatever you think is appropriate. Make sure to speak with the venue about possible in-house catering. The Crystal Room is one of the few reception locations in Milford, MA that offers a wide selection of in-house catering options for parties, receptions and other special occasions.

Reserve a Room Today!
If you are planning to host a bridal shower in the New England area, consider The Crystal Room. One of the top reception locations in Milford, MA, The Crystal Room can help you small, mid-size and large bridal shower parties. Speak with our event coordinator for even more tips for Massachusetts brides and find out how to incorporate your seasonal wedding colors and themes into the decorations at our venue. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to reserve a room today for your special event!