Massachusetts Brides: Selecting the Best Bridal Party Attire

It is sort of an ongoing joke that bridal party attire is awful. Talk with any young woman who has ever been a bridesmaid, and she will tell you horror stories about terrible colors, ridiculous accessories, horrible fitting appointments, and dresses that were designed to only look good on a size zero. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to take some time to think about the dresses that you are choosing for your bridal party. It’s also a good idea to think about what the men will be wearing based on the season, theme, and venue. So many couples just choose a basic tuxedo or suit and then switch out the accessories to match with the colors, but modern selections allow for more comfortable attire, such as dress pants, a colored shirt, bow-tie, and suspenders, instead of the jacket, cumberbund, and straight tie.

Pick a Coordinating Color
When you are out shopping for wedding gowns in Wrentham and the surrounding area for your wedding reception in Milford, MA, make sure to take a look at the bridesmaids dresses that are available. Instead of choosing the same dress for every member of your party, consider just picking some basic criteria or create a list of options for dresses and let them choose the one that they like best. Let’s say your colors are burgundy and navy. The maid of honor will choose her own burgundy dress, but the bridesmaids get to choose from several options in navy.

Just be careful that you don’t give too many options or leave the choice open-ended. You could have a hodge-podge or bridesmaids looks that don’t coordinate with your theme. Your best bet is to pick out a dozen dresses, send the links to your bridesmaids, and let them each pick one from the list. Select several different cuts and styles, including A-line, empire waist, modest designs, sleeveless, and sleeved dresses. Be careful not to go too short in the length or pick necklines that could become too revealing. Consider the size of your bridesmaids and make sure that there are options for all sizes.

BONUS TIP: For convenience sake, either choose a local store where they can go and try on the different styles, or select an online retailer that does custom sizing based on measurements. Give your girls plenty of time to place orders and receive their dresses before the wedding.

Think Comfort
Everyone will be standing around, taking photos, and hanging out in their formal wear during your wedding and at the reception. They will also want to sit down to eat, get in and out of vehicles, and do a little dancing before the night is over. Think about all of these activities when you select the clothing for your bridal party. You don’t want them to be uncomfortable at the wedding reception in Milford, MA. If you want your bridesmaids to wear heels or another type of special shoes, consider getting color-coordinated ballet slippers or flip-flops for them to wear during the reception, so their feet won’t start hurting or get tired.

When it comes to selecting clothes for your groom and his side of the altar, make sure to think about comfort as well. Even if you want everyone dressed in formal attire for the ceremony, make sure to consider how they could get more comfortable after the pictures are all said and done. Include stylish coat racks decorated in florals and place them near the wedding party table so the guys can feel safe taking off their jackets during the wedding reception in Milford, MA. For reception staging ideas that include racks for jackets and buckets of flip-flops, check with the on-site event coordinator and, if you don’t find anything that seems to fit, spend a day looking through Pinterest.

Use the Bridal Room
When making plans with The Crystal Room for your special day, make sure to ask about reserving the Murano Room for your exclusive bridal room. It includes a full-length mirror, chaise lounge, private bathroom, and lots of room for doing hair and makeup. Take advantage of this space for you and the wedding party to get ready and to wind down a little between the ceremony and the reception. This is a great place to offer special comforts to your crew, including bottles of water, snacks, hairspray and other touch-up tools for make-up, and anything else that you might want to include.

Contact The Crystal Room as soon as you set your date to secure space at our beautiful, premier facility. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to set your date as early as possible to ensure you get the venue that you want most. Our staff can take you on a tour of the property, answer any questions that you might have about reception staging ideas, and even assist you in making selections for your special day. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour.