Massachusetts Traditions: What is a Classic Wedding Reception?

Massachusetts Wedding TraditionsSome couples choose their wedding day to express their personalities and interests, embracing unique themes and decor to help their special day stand out. However, other couples choose instead to stick with tradition for their Massachusetts wedding reception, deciding instead to embrace ideas that will provide them with a classic wedding reception. When choosing a reception hall, make sure to pick a venue that will help you create the vision that you have for your celebration. Venue decor and reception decorations in Massachusetts can vary widely, so take time to tour the location before making a decision.

A Sample Classic Wedding Reception Schedule

When planning a traditional wedding ceremony and reception, it is essential to think about the schedule for your day. After the vows are exchanged and everyone moves on to the reception phase of the celebration, most couples will host a cocktail hour. This is a great time to either take photos with the wedding party or mingle with your guests. Once the cocktail period has finished, tradition states that the bridal party and couple should be announced as they enter the Massachusetts wedding reception hall. Use a DJ or emcee to make the announcements, either with specially selected music or without. The event officially starts with the father of the bride welcoming everyone and thanking them for attending. Some couples choose to use this time for a blessing from the officiant or a family member.

An hour-and-a-half into the classic wedding reception, food is typically served. Whether you have a plated service or choose to host a buffet will determine how this will happen. About fifteen minutes into dinner service, the best man’s toast is often given followed by the maid of honor, if she is making a toast. Other family members or members of the bridal party are invited to make toasts at this time too. After providing guests with an hour to eat and listen to toasts, the traditional wedding dances often begin after an announcement made by the DJ or emcee. Approximately one hour of dancing is usually provided before other activities take place, such as cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, and the last dance before the couple makes their grand exit. Five hours is typical for a classic wedding reception, providing enough time for all of the planned activities to occur.

Reception Decorations in Massachusetts

The simplicity of a classic wedding reception makes it an excellent choice for couples on a budget or for those who don’t have a theme. Choose a couple of wedding colors to use for things like bridal party attire, flowers and basic decorations for your Massachusetts wedding reception. The staff at the venue will likely offer colorful linen options and can even provide centerpieces or other decorative items if you don’t want to invest a lot of time and money in shopping for reception decorations in Massachusetts. Simple floral centerpieces – either real or artificial – are often all that is needed for an elegant and classic wedding reception. Make sure to think about decorative options for the cake table, guest book table, gift and gift card/card table, as well as any other areas where you will be hosting activities.

Vendors to Hire for a Classic Wedding Reception

In addition to choosing a reception hall that works with your ideal theme for a classic Massachusetts wedding reception, you will also want to hire vendors who can help you achieve your goal. Choose between a DJ and a live band, making sure that someone will serve as emcee for all of your announcements during the reception activities. Hire a photographer and possibly a videographer, depending on your needs. Consider a photo booth during the cocktail hour so guests can take fun photos together to remember the day.

Other must-have vendors include limo drivers and other transportation for the wedding party, florists for bouquets and centerpieces, and maybe even a wedding planner to assist with scheduling and reception decorations in Massachusetts. You will want to get a custom cake, either from an outside vendor or through the reception hall’s on-site caterer, and make sure to ask about cake cutting services as well. The Crystal Room offers a wide range of additional services to help you create a beautiful and memorable classic wedding reception that will keep your guests talking for months after the event.

Ready to Start Planning a Classic Wedding Reception?

If you are looking for the perfect venue to host your Massachusetts wedding reception, look no further than The Crystal Room. Located in Milford, we have a well-appointed facility that has plenty of space for you and all of your guests. When choosing a reception hall, make sure to find a venue that is well-suited to your needs and your ideas for reception decorations in Massachusetts. To schedule a tour, give us a call at 508-478-7800.