Massachusetts Wedding Receptions: Make Your Own Decorations

Are you a crafty person or have someone really crafty in your life? Even if you don’t, there are plenty of options for brides who are searching for unique decoration options for their Milford wedding venue. There are so many great reception staging ideas that can be used to showcase your cake table, guest book table, gift envelope bowl, dessert buffet, sweetheart table, guest table centerpieces, and just about anything else you want to include.

Whether you have chosen a seasonal theme, popular wedding theme, or something totally unusual, there are lots of great reasons to make your own decorations for the Massachusetts wedding reception. If you are searching for wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket, New Bedford, Fall River, Boston, Cape Cod, Providence, or anywhere else in the local area, start searching for DIY wedding crafts and other projects that you can start working on for your wedding day.

Top Reasons to DIY for Wedding Decorations

DIY stands for do-it-yourself, which means that you, your bridesmaids, and any crafty persons in your family and friends circle would be helping out in the creation of decorations for the Milford wedding venue. However, it is essential to understand that planning a wedding is a considerable undertaking, and adding in DIY projects could really be overwhelming. Unless crafting is your happy place or if you have a team of volunteers ready to help, you might not want to bite off more than you can chew. After browsing through magazines and websites to look at reception staging ideas (hello, Pinterest!), you might already have a lot of plans in mind. Make sure that everything you want to do is feasible given the amount of time that you have and that it won’t cost more than simply renting or purchasing already made items.

The best reasons for creating your own decorations include:

  • because you love crafting and want to add it on your special day
  • as a means of saving money compared to pre-made items
  • you’re having trouble finding stuff to match your theme and need to make it
  • you have family or friends who want to contribute through crafting
  • someone you know makes the best “whatever” for weddings and you one for your wedding ceremony or reception
  • you want a unique display or staging for a cultural or theme area of your wedding

While there are plenty more reasons why you might want to DIY some of the decorations for your special day, these are by far the most common. Remember to lean on your bridesmaids and family members during the entire planning process and discuss all of your decorative and wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket with people that you trust. Whether you make it yourself or purchase the items directly from a maker, this is the best way to have a stress-free Massachusetts wedding reception. Speak with the event planning staff at your Milford wedding venue before investing too heavily in specific designs to make sure it is okay to use them at the wedding. For insurance purposes or cleaning issues, some decoration ideas might not be approved.

Some of the Best DIY Projects for Weddings

While some things might not be logistical with everything else that you have to plan for your Massachusetts wedding reception, others could make a lot of sense. For example, if you are good at graphic design or have one of those craft cutter machines, you could make your own paper stock wedding invitations and envelopes with fancy embossing or calligraphy. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a hundred invitations, you might be able to do the same amount for less than $20. If savings is motivation and you have the skill set required to do the work in a professional-looking manner, it is definitely worth the time it takes to get the invitations done right.

Other decorative items that are great to do as DIY projects include:

  • floral arrangements – including bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages
  • centerpiece arrangements and table decor
  • favors for family and friends
  • gifts for the wedding party
  • table embellishments and decor for reception staging ideas
  • photo-based decorations of you and your fiance

Once again, speak with the Milford wedding venue to find out what things can be done DIY and what things need to be provided by professionals. For example, many places require cakes to come from licensed and insured bakeries, not from home kitchens. The liability that can come from cutting and serving a cake that has not been appropriately baked is not worth taking. Even if your aunt makes the best cake in five counties, save it for the bridal shower or another family wedding celebration. When planning a Massachusetts wedding reception at a professional venue, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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