Milestone Anniversary Celebration in Southeastern Massachusetts

anniversary-celebrationWhich wedding anniversary has the biggest parties? While some couples celebrate the twenty-fifth as a big milestone anniversary celebration, others wait until bigger anniversaries to throw a party. The most common party celebrated at The Crystal Room for an anniversary party in Southeastern Mass is the 50th anniversary. Known as the “Golden” wedding anniversary, the 50th is a huge celebration for the couple, family and friends.

There’s a lot to celebrate at a 50th anniversary party, which is why it pays to rent space at the best party venue in Milford. When a backyard barbecue or gathering at a local restaurant just won’t do, it’s time to take your milestone anniversary celebration to a whole new place. 50 years together is a long time and it is important to celebrate such an important accomplishment in a relationship. Whether you are celebrating your own big anniversary, or throwing a party for family and friends, it’s important to take the time to make plans.

Tips for a Big Anniversary Party
When celebrating an anniversary party in Southeastern Mass, it’s important to decide what you want – and what you don’t want. For example, newlyweds often sign gift registries to get the household items they want to start keeping house together. Once you’ve been together 25, 35 or 50 years, you probably have just about everything you need as a couple. Many couples will state clearly on the invitations that “no gift” is necessary or that a donation to a charity can be given instead, if the guest desires. Some people like the idea of gag gifts, but because a large milestone anniversary celebration is such a respectable landmark in a person’s life, gag gifts just aren’t appropriate and should be discouraged.

When throwing the wedding anniversary party for a couple, it is often a good idea to invite guests to contribute toward a single large gift, as you might do for a retirement party. A weekend trip, a large gift card to a favorite restaurant – ideas like these are often favorites for group gifts. Make sure not to plan a surprise party for the couple if they might be inclined to throw a party themselves. Consider forgoing the idea of a “surprise” and let them in on the fun. You can still plan it, throw it and host it, but make sure they know that you are planning something for them on their behalf.

Elements that should be included at a milestone anniversary celebration include:

  • hiring a caterer and a cleanup crew to ensure the guests of honor don’t lift a finger
  • reserve space at the best party venue in Milford with plenty of parking space, in-house catering options and event planning assistance
  • order a large wedding cake style tiered cake for them to cut like they did on their wedding day
  • create a guest list that starts with family and close friends, but then expands to neighbors, colleagues and co-workers if there is room – consider who the couple will want to be there, don’t just invite everyone they know
  • consider hiring a live band or a DJ to play music from the decade that the couple got married, as well as some standard tunes for dancing that they enjoy
  • get a guest book for everyone to sign and ask guests to think about a memory they have of the couple to share during a toast or to write in a memory book during the party
  • hire a photographer or book a photo booth to create memories from the wedding anniversary party in Southeastern Mass
  • consider decorations that reflect the interests of the couple, the season of the year, the decade they were married or just go with the theme of the milestone anniversary celebration: silver for 25th, gold for 50th, etc.

Speak with the couple about incorporating items from the span of their relationship – the original wedding dress, photos from their wedding day, milestones from throughout their marriage, a recent photo of the couple and anything else that helps to celebrate their special day with all of their family and friends. Work with The Crystal Room, the best party venue in Milford, MA, to ensure that the room is set up according to your needs and that you get all of the tables, linens and lighting you require to make the wedding anniversary party special.

Contact one of our event planners or representatives by calling 508-478-7800. Our team can provide you with a tour of the facility, answer any questions that you might have or help you pick a date for your milestone anniversary celebration.