Milford Wedding Planning: Incorporating Multicultural Themes

Multicultural wedding theme in Milford, MAWhen you start to plan a New England wedding, there are a whole host of ways that you can choose to bring all of your decorations and ideas together. One way is by selecting seasonal wedding colors, while another is to pick a theme. Wedding themes can range between modern and traditional, but the best themes are always when the couple chooses to bring in personal elements that mean something to them.

A wedding is a celebration of your love. When you start to plan your wedding reception in Milford, MA, make sure to keep your focus on the joining of two lives and two families together to become one. Incorporating elements from your cultural backgrounds is a great way to do this. Whether you have similar backgrounds or couldn’t be more diverse if you tried, you can bring it all together to create a multicultural theme.

What Defines a Culture?
Your cultural heritage and background is what is defined as your own unique culture. You might both have been born in America, but raised with traditions and celebrations that are very different due to influences by the social, national, geographical and religious foundations set up by your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. The couple may also have additional cultural influences from travel, work or personal interest, that they want to incorporate into their decorations and celebrations at the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts. Just make sure that the choices you make are based on genuine love and admiration for the culture and heritage, to avoid making any stereotypical selections.

Step One: Discuss Your Ideas
Planning a multicultural New England wedding should start with a discussion between the bride and groom. You can bring in family members or information from family members to enhance the details being exchanged, but it should definitely be between the two of you. Perhaps he’s Christian and she’s Jewish; his family comes from Portugal and hers comes from China; whatever the dynamic between you, it is important to find a way to blend it all together to create your own unique theme for your wedding reception in Milford, MA.

Step Two: Make Lists
What cultural traditions are important to you? Each culture has its own unique wedding traditions, some of which have already been incorporated into American culture throughout the generations. Others may seem very different or even odd, but when you learn all you can about the story behind these traditions, they can be very meaningful. Marriage is about sharing your love and sharing your lives with each other. You can tie it all together with a blend of food and decorations, seasonal wedding colors, or combinations of cultural dress. Make lists about what is important to you and your soon-to-be spouse so nothing gets overlooked or forgotten and everything essential is represented.

Step Three: Create a Budget
It is important to know how much you have to spend, from renting the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts to paying for the wedding dress. Make sure to consider cultural traditions with regard to paying for the wedding as well. Some cultures are firm in the bride’s family paying for the wedding, while others lean to the groom’s family or combined financing for the special day. You may want to pay for your own New England wedding and buck tradition, but it is important to consider everyone’s feelings when bringing two families together.

Step Four: Secure the Venue
The place that you choose to host your wedding reception in Milford, MA will have a lot to do with the overall look and feel of your wedding theme. Choosing a well-designed, neutral facility that has all of the amenities and extras that you require can help a lot. The Crystal Room is a recently renovated venue that will easily work with a wide range of themes and seasonal wedding colors. Conveniently located just a minute off the I-495, we also have ample parking, in-house catering and a whole lot of options that you can use to customize your special day.

Step Five: Incorporate Traditions
When you choose to incorporate cultural wedding traditions into your wedding plans at our wedding reception hall in Massachusetts, you will be sharing something very personal with your guests and will also pay a nice homage to your families. This is a great way to bring everyone together and make sure that both families are equally represented. Whether you decide to use cultural decorations, foods, music or entertainment, you can add a little or a lot into your wedding plans – it’s all up to you!

Some examples of cultural wedding traditions include:

  • Dutch – Use a “wish tree” instead of a guest book to invite guests to leave notes for the bride and groom; colorful paper leaves adorned with ribbon for hanging on the tree should be used.
  • Filipino – The groom’s family pays for the wedding (instead of the bride’s family) and the primary witnesses for the ceremony are the grandparents from both sides; the bride and the groom both wear white.
  • Indian – Very intricate celebrations, sometimes spanning multiple days. Painting of the hands and feet of the bride, garlands instead of bouquets and rose petals are thrown at the couple after the ceremony for good luck.
  • Swedish – The bride carries coins in her shoes: a silver coin in her left shoe from her father, and a gold coin in her right shoe from her mother; the tradition is said to ensure prosperity and happiness in the marriage.

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