Milford Wedding Reception Activity Ideas to Entertain Guests

reception-ideasPlanning a wedding reception can be challenging, especially when it comes time to think about all of the activities and things that you want to make available to your guests. You don’t want people to come to your Milford wedding reception and go away talking about how much fun they didn’t have. You want your guests to leave talking about of the interesting and unique wedding reception activities that you planned. Just make sure that you don’t allow yourself to become sidetracked with a bunch of trendy ideas that could fall flat on the big day.

There are a lot of things to consider, such as whether or not the venue that you have chosen will allow the activities you want to include, but it is worth talking about with the event coordinator and exploring alternative ways to entertain your guests. You want to make a positive impression and for your guests to have a great time and still be talking about your wedding activities and reception decorations in Massachusetts long after you come back from your honeymoon.

Creating Special Memories for an Important Day
When you are planning a wedding reception, the first thing you need to remember is that you are creating an experience. First, it is an experience for you and your new spouse, a day that you will remember forever. Second, it is an experience for your guests, who are coming to celebrate your special day with you and share in your joy. Your Milford wedding reception should be a joyous occasion that stretches beyond the basic dinner and dance party.

  • Bonfire on the Beach – While it is not practical to host a wedding reception out on the beach, you can bring the beach to your wedding reception activities. Speak with the event coordinator about having a “bonfire” or fire pit set up for an outdoor reception where you can hang out with your guests, serve up some s’mores and enjoy a toast under the stars.
  • Backyard Picnic – Another great idea for planning a wedding reception that spills over into the outdoors is to integrate backyard games into the wedding reception activities. Croquet, mini golf, badminton, ring toss, lawn darts and bocce ball are all fun to play, but somehow become even more engaging when everyone is playing in wedding clothes.
  • Photo Booths – Gone are the days where disposable cameras were part of the reception decorations in Massachusetts set out on the tables for guests to use and take pictures during the reception. Give your guests a fun activity and a great way to get some great photos in the process by setting up a photo booth for them to enjoy.
  • Pinata Fiesta – Culturally themed weddings are a lot of fun, but pinatas can be used anytime, anywhere to create a fun atmosphere for your guests. They can be made in your wedding colors, include hearts or flowers – just about anything you like. Stuff them with candy and other goodies that will get everyone excited to play.
  • Balloon Release – While you will need to check with local laws for any restrictions regarding materials or location, a balloon release out on the lawn by all of the guests can be a great way to celebrate your marriage. Choose helium balloons in your wedding colors with colorful strings and invite everyone to release a balloon together or have them released in a bunch.
  • Candy Bar – The ongoing theme with all of these wedding reception activities is to encourage your guests to enjoy some childlike fun. What better way to accomplish that than to host a candy bar? Glass jars filled with candy shop treats, including nostalgic brands that can only be ordered online from vintage shops.
  • Activities for Kids – If you will be inviting children to your Milford wedding reception, consider creating an activity gift for the kids. Washable crayons and a coloring book, disposable cameras, puzzles, games and other “busy” things will help keep them happy throughout the evening. If you have a lot of children coming to your reception, consider renting an extra room for them to play in and get a trusted volunteer to supervise.
  • Signature Station – A lot of weddings are now including an interactive activity for guests that allow them to create something special to remember the day. Included with your reception decorations in Massachusetts, have a blown up image from your engagement photos or another large poster-type display that guests can add well-wishes and signatures to for you to keep and remember who was there that day.

Planning Your Milford Wedding Reception
Once you have your date set and the space reserved at The Crystal Room in Milford, Massachusetts, contact the wedding coordinator at the venue to go over your ideas for wedding reception activities. While there may be limitations due to legal or safety reasons, many of your ideas can be considered and added to the plans for your reception. Our in-house planners can help you choose the perfect menu, add special extras like photo booths and entertainment packages, helping you to create the perfect way to celebrate this very important day. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 or visit the Custom Wedding Options page on our website for even more ideas that can be incorporated into your reception plans.