Milford Weddings: Wedding Reception Activities & Traditions

Wedding Traditions in MilfordWhen you start making plans for your wedding ceremony and reception, it is important to think about which wedding reception activities and traditions you want to include. Your choice of reception locations in Milford, MA might affect which options are feasible, so it is important to choose Boston area party venues that will best suit your style. Make sure that the reception decorations in Massachusetts that you choose will also be helpful in incorporating all of the activities and traditions you desire.

Wedding Reception Activities
Many of the things that we do at wedding receptions today have ties to the traditions of the past. Tossing the bouquet, throwing the garter belt, wedding cakes and much more. As you plan your special day at wedding reception locations in Milford, MA, consider these traditions and what they mean to you as a couple before making a decision as to whether you want to include them or not in your celebration. None of these activities are required and you can even feel free to invent a few of your own.

  • Wedding Cakes – The idea of having a cake for this celebration actually spans back to ancient Rome. However, back then they broke a loaf of bread over top of the bride’s head to improve fertility. The tiered cakes that are synonymous with today’s weddings came from wedding reception activities that challenged the groom to kiss the bride over higher and higher cakes without knocking them over.
  • Tossing the Garter Belt – This custom started during the Dark Ages when family and friends would wait to see the sheets as evidence that the marriage had been consummated. Later, the garter became a symbol of good luck and drunken reception guests would try to strip the garter away from the bride. To fend off the fiends, brides started tossing them to the crowd early in the evening. In modern times the groom began throwing the garter to a group of single men much in the way that the bride tosses the bouquet to a group of single women.
  • Throwing the Bouquet – Another age-old custom, European brides were thought to be lucky, so wedding guests would literally chase them down, tearing at their dresses in the hopes of taking home a good luck charm. Legend has it that brides finally got sick of this custom and began tossing their bouquet to share all of their luck with one guest.

Wedding Traditions & Superstitions
Throughout the ages, there have been many superstitions and traditions that have found their way into the activities and things that we do during wedding ceremonies and receptions. So as you make plans for your special day at reception locations in Milford, MA, make sure to keep some of these fun “old wives tales” and ideas from the past in mind.

  • Best Day to Get Married – One tradition states that the best day to get married is a Wednesday, followed by Monday and Tuesday. Many couples choose weekends as a convenience to guests, but really any day of the week is fine for planning a wedding at Boston area party venues.
  • Groom Carries the Bride – The real idea behind the groom carrying the bride over the threshold was to protect her from “evil spirits” that might seek to harm her on her wedding day. Today, some couples weave this tradition into their post-wedding plans as they enter the honeymoon suite at their hotel or enter their new home together.
  • Let It Rain – According to ancient Hindu tradition, rain on your wedding day is good luck. If you are getting married during the rainy season, make sure to plan your wedding reception activities accordingly so you can welcome the “good luck” instead of being stressed or worried about it affecting your guests or reception decorations in Massachusetts.
  • Ring on the Left Hand – Tradition states that engagement and wedding rings should be worn on the fourth finger or, as it is now known, the “ring finger” on the left hand. This was originally done because it was once thought that there was a vein in that particular finger that ran directly to the heart.
  • White Wedding Dress – First popularized in 1840 by Queen Victoria, who started the trend of white wedding dresses in the Western world, previously brides would simply wear their very best dress. In fact, many did not purchase a special dress for the occasion, but would wear something that they already owned.

Make Your Own Traditions at The Crystal Room
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