Modern Wedding Styles & Ideas for a Reception Near Worcester

While there are plenty of couples looking to host a traditional style wedding ceremony and reception, there are also lots of couples who want to get in on the latest trends and ideas in modern reception staging ideas to create a memorable celebration for family and friends. If you are hosting a wedding reception near Worcester, MA in the coming year, take a look at some of the ideas shared below for everything from wedding party attire to menu options, seasonal weddings, and reception decorations in Massachusetts.

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Outgoing Trends

In recent years we have seen a lot of trends come and go. In 2017, many modern brides went with tennis shoes instead of traditional wedding shoes in the spirit of 1991’s “Father of the Bride,” starring Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Steve Martin. However, in the coming year, modern brides will be going back to traditional wedding shoes, including low heels, elegant flats, and breath-taking heel styles. Flowing fabric decor is also out for the coming year, as the current trend is leaning more toward greenery for reception decorations in Massachusetts and all across the country. A natural, elegant, and chic approach to decor is finally coming back in vogue.

Photo booths and other great photo opportunities are still in style for modern reception staging ideas, but cheesy photo booth props are definitely out. When it comes to invites, all of that glittery and sparkly embossing are out, replaced with a mix of different media, including fabrics, acrylics, leather, and layers of various materials. One of the most significant trends in 2017 was the floral wall. Couples are moving away from that idea and are looking at new ways to incorporate flowers into their wedding decor – some traditional and others more unique and modern in their approach.

New Trends to Consider

Inspiration from the upcoming royal wedding will undoubtedly play a role in ideas for wedding receptions near Worcester, MA and all across the country. All white attire for the wedding party, the royal tradition of children-only bridal parties, and classic floral options for reception staging ideas will all be quite popular in the coming months. Other fun styles that the experts predict will be huge in the New Year, include the integration of balloons as backdrops, ceiling decor, and even as part of table centerpieces; more seasonal weddings and relevant decor; the use of bolder and brighter colors; and the use of acrylic in decorations.

If you want to stay on the “cutting edge” of the latest trends and ideas for a modern Milford wedding reception, make sure to work with a forward-thinking wedding planner who can connect you to all the right vendors and assist you in getting everything you need for your special day. A good wedding planner will help with everything from planning out the ceremony and reception decorations in Massachusetts to choosing the wedding party attire and meeting with the caterer at the venue. Don’t just rely on bridal websites and magazines, which can take weeks or even months for features to get to print. Working closely with a professional who is experienced in the local wedding industry is your best bet for a celebration that is ahead of the curve.

Location, Location, Location

Above and beyond any decorating trend or planning idea that you have, if you don’t host your wedding reception near Worcester, MA at the right venue, then it won’t come off as you planned. The Crystal Room is conveniently located just a minute off the I-495, so it is easy for your guests and vendors to find. However, the location makes it a breath of fresh air compared to other area venues, providing all of the parking, space, and amenities you need to host a memorable wedding reception. Whether you get married on-site or host your ceremony at another location, consider The Crystal Room for your Milford wedding reception.

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