New England Party Plans & Ideas for Anniversary Celebrations

Party Venue in Southeastern MassachusettsWhile most people don’t have large parties outside intimate or family celebrations for anniversaries until they reach 25 years of marriage, we still see lots of parties at our Greater Boston area banquet hall for many different milestones. Some years are landmarks, such as the 10th, 20th, 25th, or 50th “golden” anniversary, but even a first anniversary can be cause for celebration in many instances.

Whether you are planning an anniversary celebration for yourself or someone else, it pays to give yourself time to do it right. Booking the best party venue in Milford can be difficult, especially during wedding season. So if the couple-of-honor were married in June, that means you will be competing with this year’s brides for your New England party planning needs. The sooner you can start planning, the easier it will be to get it all done.

Create a Budget

It helps to know how much you have to spend when hosting a party of any size. Whether you only plan on inviting 25-50 of the couples’ closest friends and family members or if it will be a big bash to celebrate 40 years of marriage with children, grandchildren, and guests from out of town, it is essential to find a venue that can handle your guests. Schedule a tour of The Crystal Room when planning an anniversary celebration to make sure there is enough space for tables, chairs, dance floors, entertainment, and food service.

Many venues will quote a price that is based on the number of guests, so an approximate head count is encouraged. The rate should include the use of the Boston area banquet hall, any food service that will be included, and any staff that will be needed. Many party packages include the use of tables and chairs based on the number of guests that will be attending. You will also want to factor in any vendors you want to hire, such as photographers or entertainers, as well as any special cakes that you want to have made for the party.

Set a Date

The date of the party does not have to be on the exact anniversary of the couple, just within a couple of weeks around their marriage date. So if they were married on the 15th of June, you could easily plan the party any time between the 7th and the 21st without it seeming like you got the date wrong. This can help you to choose the best party venue in Milford based on your needs in the middle of wedding season without having to miss out on your desired location. Consider Friday night parties, mid-week parties, or brunch events instead of nighttime celebrations to secure the venue during the busy season.

Once you have the venue and the date, you can start hiring vendors and sending out invitations. Make sure to include information about gifts, as many couples do not want their friends and family to buy them anything, just to show up and celebrate with them. If the event is formal, make sure to note the attire. Formal, semi-formal, and business casual should be marked on the invitations if you want to require people to dress up beyond casual jeans and t-shirts for the party.

Choose a Theme

Sometimes having a theme for a party makes it easier when planning an anniversary celebration. It will help you pick the best decorations, such as wall trimmings and table decor, cake designs, and invitations. The theme can reflect the interests and hobbies of the couple, be similar to the theme of their wedding, have something to do with their honeymoon, or just be something in general that suits the time of year. Popular themes for anniversaries used in New England party planning include fiestas, barbecues, luaus, sports, nautical or beach, country western, and classic or vintage themes from the year they got married.

Make sure also to consider the year that you are celebrating, as each anniversary year has a specific color or tradition associated with it. For example, a 25th anniversary is known as the silver anniversary. A lot of people will interject silver decorations when planning an anniversary celebration for such a milestone or make silver be the entire theme for the party. Consider unique ways to include the landmark year color, such as cake decorations, table centerpieces, invitations, and balloons. You might also want to include the term “25th anniversary” in as many places as possible to ensure everyone knows how long they have been married.

Schedule a Tour of The Crystal Room

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