New England Wedding: Plan a Wedding Reception in Milford, MA

new-england-weddingOne of the most beautiful destination locations for an unforgettable wedding is in the northeastern states. Regardless of the time of year, the scenery is impressive and makes the perfect backdrop for an amazing New England wedding. Planning your reception can be just as challenging as picking the church and choosing the dress, but once you’ve got the venue secured and the date is set, all that is left to do is to plot out the details for your elegant wedding reception. If you are looking for a gorgeous location to host your wedding reception in Milford, MA, look no further than The Crystal Room.

Finding a place to host your reception that is well-appointed, has ample parking, is easy for guests to find and has all the space you need can be difficult. The Crystal Room is a Premier Venue site that is located in Southeastern Massachusetts. It is the perfect location to celebrate your very special day. In addition to providing your guests with an amazing venue to watch you dance your first dance, catch a bouquet, have a slice of cake and wish you the very best as you start your new life together, the professional team of wedding and event planners who staff The Crystal Room can help you with everything from reception menu ideas to picking a DJ and everything in between.

Decoration Ideas for a New England Wedding
When you think about the type of decor that you would have at a New England wedding, it is important to realize that the location alone is a huge influence on the type of decorations and reception menu ideas that you will want to employ. For example, a wedding reception that is hosted in California, Texas or Florida would differ greatly from an elegant wedding reception that you would plan for Massachusetts. It is important to choose decorations that fit the theme, location or style of the wedding and reception.

You will at least need flowers and decorations in the following places:

  • entrance to the ceremony
  • aisles, chairs and pews
  • altar area
  • entrance to the reception
  • tables for guests
  • chairs for guests and wedding party
  • table for wedding party
  • cake cutting area
  • walls and ceilings throughout
  • buffet table and surrounding area

When you look at the venue where the ceremony will be held and the wedding reception in Milford, MA, make sure to consider the entire space and what will need to be decorated. In some situations, the decor of the venue itself may be enough to bring the theme of your New England wedding to life, but you will still need to think about details, flowers and decorations for the areas in the above list. The goal is to create a scene in which all of your photos and videos can be taken. You need to think about the mood that you want to establish, as well as any specific areas that you want to be highlighted.

Traditional vs. Contemporary
Other things that should be considered for your elegant wedding reception are whether you want a traditional event or something more modern and contemporary. You should also choose to use decorations and reception menu ideas that fit your personality or the mood that you are trying to convey, such as romantic, sophisticated, elegant or seasonal. For example, traditional romantic might mean candles and flowers, such as roses and baby’s breath, while contemporary romantic might mean an ice sculpture and unique flower choices, such as locally grown flowers or exotic flowers shipped in from all over the world.

The point is, your New England wedding can be anything you want it to be. You can choose to decorate based on the base decor of the place where you will hold your casual or elegant wedding reception. You can also choose your reception menu ideas based on the location, such as including lobster, cranberries, maple or other local ingredients and flavors. You can choose to have a totally traditional wedding that integrates vintage items from the local area or you can even decide to totally ignore the history, background or cultural influences of the location and do your own thing.

Where to Host a Wedding Reception in Milford, MA
The Crystal Room has all of the space, amenities and options that you could ever want when planning your own custom wedding. Check out our reception menu ideas and options for all of the amazing extras you could ever want, including a multi-tiered flowing beverage fountain, ambient lighting, on-site photo booth, limousine service and a complete floral package. Our team can help you plan your ideal New England wedding and help you create the most beautiful elegant wedding reception. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 or use our online form to get more information about The Crystal Room Premier Venue located conveniently in Milford, Massachusetts.