Organizing Business Seminars that are Successful

speaker at a conferenceBusiness seminars are very useful business functions for professionals. Each one is designed to meet a specific objective. There are a lot of moving parts to these high energy training environments, but those moving parts should move as smoothly as possible. There should be nothing missing, each person attending should feel valued, and everything should be understood.

The hard part, however, is in the planning. You have to know where to start. You also have to have a conference hall ready to receive all of those attending. You should also consider whatever you need to ensure that these individuals are cared for and impressed so that you are giving them the best learning environment.

Assess the Situation and Define Goals

Define your goals and the base requirements of these goals. The requirements for a seminar are going to change with its size and purpose. You want to plan everything so that there is no uncertainty. It is the uncertainty that can leave a sour taste in the mouths of people. You can reduce the uncertainty for those attending, including the organizational staff by planning ahead. Clear assignments of responsibilities for organizers responsible for different parts of the ceremony can go a long way toward keeping that sour taste from happening.

But there is a solution to relieve the amount of pressure that everyone is under and that is to opt for a full-service conference hall. A banquet and conference facility that is designed to cater to those conducting conferences and seminars will go a long way in giving everyone attending and the organizers the best possible experience.

For instance, there are individuals that travel from Boston and surrounding cities to Milford, Massachusetts in order to use the Crystal Room’s Conference center. There are a number of reasons for this:

•    The facility is easy to access from Boston, Cape Cod, and Providence
•    The hall is large for company functions
•    Seating arrangements and floor plans allow for customization
•    There is audio and visual equipment available upon request so that no one has to bring their own
•    There is plenty of parking for those attending the event
•    There are expert chefs, coordinators and staff on-hand to help coordinate the function

These are all qualities that are important when planning the event and looking for a location that will make that planning much easier.
Planning Financing

After it is determined who will be doing what and what conference hall will be used, it is time to start crunching numbers so that the financing can be determined. It is important to look at how much the seminar is going to cost, where the money is going to come from, how much money needs to be paid in advanced, how much it is going to cost to bring in speakers, which costs will be covered for key individuals, transportation costs, lodging, and how much the seminar will be priced at.

Once projected costs are established, a breakeven point will need to be determined so that it is known how many people will be needed before that point is reached. This can help find a “sweet spot’ in pricing that allows for maximum participation without breaking the bank for attendees. You may even want to consider selling souvenirs or having a video created that will offset expenses. Figuring expenses are made much easier when business functions are held at full-service conference halls.


Make sure you use every avenue to advertise the event. Email, social medial, direct mail, telephone calls to specific individuals, flyers, newspaper ads, magazine ads, and maybe even a television commercial will help you get the word out about the event so you can have maximum attendance. Be sure to include these costs in your projections so you can accurately assess how many people will need to attend in order to reach the breakeven point.

After Hours Recreation

You can opt to have a time after the event for individuals to mingle. Perhaps you will want to serve champagne and food as people network. This is something that may depend on budget, but it is an action that will leave individuals with a good impression that will lead them to future business functions that you may conduct.


If you need to conduct a business function of any kind that requires a full-service conference center, The Crystal Room can make that happen for you. To learn about how we can make your business function everything you want it to be, call us at 508-478-7800 or fill out our contact form