Party Planning Tips: Host a Sweet 16 in Greater Boston Area

Sweet 16 Birthday Party in MassachusettsChoosing the date to celebrate a Sweet 16 is an important part of party planning. As soon as you start looking at Boston area party venues, you will want to choose a date or range of dates to make sure that you get the time frame that you require. Hosting a Sweet 16 in the Greater Boston area can be challenging, especially because many of the party venues in the area are either for little kids or grown adults. You may want to look outside the city and consider renting a party room in Milford, MA. You can find a venue for large birthday parties or smaller spaces for more intimate events, with the amenities you need all under one roof at The Crystal Room.

Reserve the Space in Advance
One of the best tips is to make sure you reserve the party room as far in advance as possible. Weddings are booked about a year in advance, so if the birthday month falls in a busy season for weddings in your local area, you may want to start looking at least six to nine months ahead so you can get the venue that you really want. Visit the facility and take a tour to make sure that it has all of the space and amenities that you need to throw the type of party that you are envisioning. You will need to have at least a ballpark figure of the number of guests that you will be inviting, so even if you don’t have the guest list nailed down specifically, a guesstimate will at least be needed. In fact, you can help keep the numbers under control by limiting your guest list ahead of time. Make sure to include the birthday girl and any adults who will be in attendance in the head count.

Make Your Guest List & Send Out the Invites
Once you have the party room in Milford, MA nailed down for your Sweet 16 in Greater Boston area, you can sit down and create a detailed guest list of everyone that will be invited to attend. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to invite the entire school or even her entire class. You can stick with close friends and family members, such as cousins or siblings, to help keep the guest list low. If your teen is involved in sports or another activity, you may want to consider inviting her team or activity members. Communicate as much as you can with the birthday girl to find out who she wants to attend. Get addresses and information for everyone so you can send out the invitations. Some girls prefer to hand out invitations personally and make the theme of the invites part of the overall event, so make sure to discuss this with your teen before you purchase formal invitations or commit to doing anything else.

Choose a Theme
The theme of your Sweet 16 at local Boston area party venues should be clear and defined as early as possible. The theme will set the tone for all of the decorations, food, the cake, invitations and sometimes even the music or entertainment that you hire. Popular themes can include island luaus, Hollywood movies and Disney princesses. Some parties require a specific type of attire, such as dresses for the girls and suits for the guys, or are more casual. Others require guests to wear a certain color in celebration of the birthday girl. Make sure to include any specific dress code requirements on the invites for the party at the venue for large birthday parties in Massachusetts. The theme should also be clear in the invitation so guests will know what to expect.

Special Extras & Vendors
In addition to reserving the party room in Milford, MA for your Sweet 16 party, you should also consider reserving other extras, such as renting a limo or hiring a special guest to attend. Putting out a red carpet walk for all of the guests to walk down as they arrive or a special photo spot with a background that honors the birthday girl are also popular ideas. Hiring photographers, putting up a photo booth or creating a special gallery and hashtag for the event can get guests involved in the action. Talk with the caterer at the venue about creating a special “mocktail” non-alcoholic drink for attendees that goes with the theme of the party. It’s the little touches that create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Contact The Crystal Room
If you are scouting out Boston area party venues for a special Sweet 16 in Greater Boston area, look no further than The Crystal Room. We are a premier party room in Milford, MA and we host weddings, receptions, professional meetings, special occasion parties and other quality events. If you are interested in learning more about our facility or would like to schedule an appointment to tour our venue for large birthday parties, give us a call at 508-478-7800.