Plan a Classic 50th Birthday Party in Milford, Massachusetts

classic-birthday-partyOne of the biggest landmark’s in a man’s life is is 50th birthday. While it’s still a big deal for women, they usually won’t let you throw them a party to celebrate it. However, for a man, it is a sort of “coming of age” thing which celebrates the achievements that they have made thus far. No longer a “young” man, not yet an “old” man – they’ve now arrived at the perfect Goldilocks moment of “just right”. That being said, when you decide to plan a birthday party for someone who is turning 50, you open the door to a lot of fun and excitement. Once you secure the Boston area party venue for your event, you can start picking out a theme, gathering decorations and planning the rest of the fun.

Choose a Convenient Location
If you are inviting a lot of family, friends, co-workers and people from out of town, it is best to choose a venue that is convenient to access via the interstate that has a lot of parking and is easy to get in and out of for all your guests. The Crystal Room is a premier party room in Milford, MA that is located just a minute off the I-495, making it convenient for guests coming from all over Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Rhode Island and really anywhere in the northeastern region. The right location can really make such a difference, whether you want to host a dinner or serve cocktails, provide a buffet or just “let them eat cake,” the place where you host the actual party will really set the tone for the rest of the event.

Create a Guest List
Now that you know which party venue in Southeastern Massachusetts will suit your needs, it’s time to create a guest list so you can move forward and really plan a birthday party that will impress. You might not want to invite everyone that you know, but it is important to decide early on if you are inviting families or just adults, family or just friends, and how many people you want to host at the party. The number of guests will ultimately affect the rest of your plans at the Boston area party venue because it will determine the size of the party room in Milford, MA that you will rent, as well as catering and other vendor numbers for accurate pricing. If you are having a seated dinner, it will also help you determine how many tables, chairs and decorations you will need. This really is an important part of planning.

Establish a Budget
Figure out how much you want to spend. Some vendors will give you a price per person, so now that you have a guest list created, you should be able to get a ballpark on how much your event will cost. Speak with the party venue in Southeastern Massachusetts about the amount of space you will need based upon the number of guests and the things you want to do at your party. Figure in costs for the party room in Milford, MA, the cost of food and beverages, the cost of decorations, cost for DJ or a live band – whatever it is that you want to include when you plan a birthday party for your spouse, family member or friend’s 50th birthday. Even if you aren’t on a tight budget for this event at the Boston area party venue, it is good to create a budget to help you from over-spending.

Decide on a Menu
One advantage to choosing to host your birthday party at The Crystal Room is that we do all of our own catering in-house. That makes it really easy for you to make decisions about the food, beverages and desserts that will be served. If you are trying to plan a birthday party on a budget, make sure to communicate that with the on-site event planner so they can steer you toward more affordable options. Consider what staff you might need, such as servers for a sit down dinner so you can eat with the guests, or a bartender, who will handle all of the drinks for you, again so you can enjoy the party. Clean-up crews, cake cutters – any other type of service staff that you might need, this should all be discussed with the Boston area party venue at the very beginning. Sometimes package deals are available with the rental of a party venue in Southeastern Massachusetts, as The Crystal Room does for wedding receptions, so it never hurts to ask.

Call The Crystal Room to Secure the Date
Once you decide the date that you want to host your 50th birthday party, make sure to contact The Crystal Room to reserve the room right away. If you have any questions about the venue, the size of the rooms and the amount of people that we can host, give us a call at 508-478-7800. You can also use our convenient online contact form to ask questions or check availability for a specific date or range of dates.