Plan a Memorable Greater Boston Wedding Reception on a Budget

Budget Wedding Ideas Near New BedfordWhen people go to a wedding reception, there are three things that they remember: the dress, the food, and the venue. Couples spend thousands of dollars on things that they don’t need when they could reap more benefits if they focused on the items that matter most. When planning a budget wedding reception, as most couples ultimately do, the first thing you need to consider is where you will host the celebration. Choosing the Greater Boston area banquet hall is half the battle. When you find the right location everything else will fall into place, from the decorations to the wedding reception activities. Consider moving outside the city to plan a Milford wedding reception at The Crystal Room.

Why Choose Our Venue?

If you are looking to save on decorations and want to have an elegant wedding on a budget, then you need to select a venue that will provide the perfect backdrop for your event. When you get the Custom Wedding Package, you gain a lot of tools that you can use to your advantage at no extra cost. Floor length ivory linens with your choice of napkin color, tables, and standard chairs are all part of the package. A champagne toast for all your guests, cake cutting service, cake enhancement, and a four-course plated meal are part of the deal too. Not only will you save money for a budget wedding reception, but you will also save time hunting down all of the things you want to include for your Milford wedding reception.

You are not “boxed in” to use our linens or services. Couples can also choose to include upgraded custom wedding options a la carte. A flowing beverage fountain, strawberry champagne toast, customized monogram on the dance floor, photobooths, ambient uplighting, custom invitations, centerpieces, chair covers, colorful tablecloths, limo services, floral packages, entertainment options, and much more are all available to be added based on your interests and needs. Work with our on-site event coordinator to find the best prices, options, and deals at our Greater Boston area banquet hall to create a memorable wedding celebration.

One Venue, One Fee

Another great way to save on your wedding day is to host both the wedding ceremony and the reception at the same venue. When you combine all of your ceremony and wedding reception activities at the same location, you only pay one fee to rent the space. While some venues do not require a fee, such as public parks or beaches, others might surprise you. Many churches and religious venues require a fee – even for members, as well as country clubs and other membership sites. Shop around and then speak with our team about hosting your ceremony and reception at The Crystal Room.

We provide a personalized price based upon your unique needs and requirements. Most venues charge based on the number of guests, so make sure to consider that when making out your list. Don’t forget to include yourself and your spouse-to-be, the wedding party and their significant others, as well as your immediate family, including parents, grandparents, and siblings. To save money, some couples choose to have an adults-only wedding, reducing the number of guests by eliminating children. However, at The Crystal Room, meals for children under 12 are discounted by 50 percent off the package price.

DIY Decorations

Instead of hiring a professional to do any extra decorations that you want to include, work with our event coordinator to make smart choices that will reflect your theme. You can bring your own decorations and flowers to The Crystal Room. However, we do have a few restrictions for table decorations and activities due to the cleanup mess that they can cause. For example, no confetti, rice, birdseed, gum, and glitter may be used within the grounds as favors, decorations, or part of your activities. If you want your guests to have an interactive feature when you leave on your honeymoon, consider bubbles, light sabers, or something similar. Discuss your ideas with our staff to find solutions that will work for you.

Are you interested in hosting a wedding at our Milford wedding reception hall? Give us a call at 508-478-7800 and speak with one of our team members about your wedding plans. We can schedule a tour of our facility or check on availability for your desired dates.