Plan a Successful Charity Fundraising Event in Milford, MA

charity-eventIf you have never planned a charity fundraising event before, it can seem quite overwhelming at first glance. However, once you choose the venue at which to host your party, everything else just sort of falls into place. When you start looking for a Boston area banquet hall to host your charity event, consider The Crystal Room in Milford, Massachusetts. Located outside of the city, this New England private party room offers ample parking and all of the amenities you could ever get at a city venue, but without all the traffic and distractions.

Invite your guests to attend beautiful cocktail receptions or seated dinner events at The Crystal Room, a well-appointed event venue with all of the bells and whistles. Not only has this location been renovated recently to reflect a changing demand for event space, but it also has all of the technology you could ever need to plan a charity event. Audio-visual equipment, including podiums, microphones and flat panel screens are available, as well as Wi-Fi internet connections for you and your guests, an optional mobile device charging station for laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Establish a Goal
What is the goal of your fundraising event? Who or what are you raising money for at the Boston area banquet hall? How much money do you need to raise? How are you going to accomplish it? What tools, technology and approach will you employ to loosen up your attendees and get them to donate to your cause? When you plan a charity event, it helps to have a specific goal in mind. This will help keep you on track and prevent you from getting distracted during the planning phase of the special event.

Create a Budget
It is important to have a budget for renting the New England private party room, the catering, the special guests, the entertainment and anything else that you will want to have at your cocktail receptions or banquet dinner. Consider all of the required elements, including any staff, transportation, security, decorations and anything else that you might need. Remember that you will need to raise more money than you spend in order for the charitable event to be worth the effort.

Get Help
While you will be leading the charge as you plan a charity event for your fundraiser, it is important to get a team of individuals together that will help you take care of all the details and monitor the event on the day of the cocktail receptions to ensure that everything goes off as planned. Be a strong leader, give everyone a job and make sure that they do it. Consider organizing a host committee of people who are responsible for donating to the event and encouraging others to do so as well. Local celebrities, industry leaders and other wealthy donors should make up the people in this group.

Know Your Demographic
Who will be attending your event at the New England private party room? Depending on the type of charity that will benefit from the fundraiser, you could have a wide variety of people coming to your event. Make sure that your Boston area banquet hall can accommodate all of your guests and meet the needs of your event. Reach out to local groups to solicit tickets to your fundraising event, but know whether you are targeting business people, families or college students. Market your event in the media and online to get more people excited about going and supporting your cause.

Selling Tickets
Once you decide where you will host your cocktail receptions or plated dinner event, make sure to start thinking about how you will sell tickets to your guests and how you will accept charitable donations. You will want to decide whether or not all of the tickets will be the same price or if you will sell some at a higher amount for VIP access. You must also decide how to sell the tickets online, how they will be shipped in advance of the event and who will be responsible for making sure that ticket sales are running smoothly.

Looking to Plan a Charity Event in Milford, MA?
If you are interested in renting space at The Crystal Room,please give us a call at 508-478-7800. Our experienced event planner will walk you through the facility, tell you about all of the options available and help you choose the best rental space available on our property. We look forward to serving you and helping you with the planning and execution of your fundraising charitable event.