Planning a Big 50th Birthday Bash at Boston Area Party Venues

birthday-party-planningOne of the biggest birthday landmarks in an adult’s life is the 50th birthday. Half a century, not too far away from retirement, old enough to know better yet still young enough to try it anyway. Birthday parties to celebrate someone’s golden birthday can be a lot of fun, especially if you secure space at the best party venue in Milford and take time to really plan out the celebration in detail.

From basic reception staging ideas that will help guide the festivities of the evening to decorations, entertainment and menu planning, there are a lot of things that need to get done. However, once you choose the Milford party venue, everything else will start to fall into place. While Boston area party venues in the city can seem like a lot of fun, you will run into a lot of parking and traffic issues. Choosing to host your party outside the city area can be a great way to take control of the situation and celebrate this big milestone on your terms.

The first thing you need to do while planning a birthday party for the best party venue in Milford is to secure the location. The Crystal Room is a great venue for birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, office parties, wedding receptions, baby showers and much more. Make sure to know approximately how many people will be attending to ensure that you get a room with enough space. The Crystal Room has plenty of on-site parking, on-site catering and lots of other great options that you can use to your advantage when considering reception staging ideas.

Once the venue is secure, you can safely send out all of the invites to the event at the Milford party venue. If you are doing a theme for the party based on the interests or hobbies of the guest of honor, consider creating your invitations in the same style. This really helps to set the tone for the party and lets people know what to expect when they attend. Ask people to RSVP so you will know how much food, seating and everything that you will need in advance. If the party is a surprise party, make sure to express that in the invitations as well so no one accidentally says something to the birthday boy or girl.

Start thinking about what food you want to serve during the event. Speak with The Crystal Room to find out what is available on their in-house catering menu. As one of the top Boston area party venues located in the South Coast region, The Crystal Room has a wide variety of menu options that you can choose from to create a beautiful menu. Whether you want a buffet style or sit-down dinner banquet, make sure to consider the food choices and how they reflect the theme of the party, as well as the preferences of the guest of honor when making your selections. Try to get the menu set as far in advance as possible so you won’t have to worry about it too close to the party date.

There are lots of great entertainment options that can be considered in with the rest of your reception staging ideas. You can hire a DJ or a live band to perform so people can dance or just to set some background music. You can choose your performers based on the theme of the party or just pick a group or selection of music that appeals to the guest of honor. Consider hiring other types of entertainment as well, such as a comedian to serve as emcee for a birthday roast or some stand-up comedy. Magicians, jugglers and other performers can also be a good idea if they fit in with the overall theme of the birthday party at the best party venue in Milford.

Because 50 is such a big birthday, don’t just pick up a store cake and stick some candles on it. Visit a bakery and create a cake design that really fits in with the theme of the party. Consider a multi-tier cake instead of a sheet cake for a showier presentation when the candles are lit. This can be a great photo opportunity for the guest of honor and it creates a really memorable experience for everyone involved. Speak with the Milford party venue about cake cutting and serving services similar to what they do for weddings. The event coordinator at The Crystal Room may have some suggestions for you regarding reception staging ideas and where the cake could fit in for best results.

Again, the decorations should go with the theme of the party, whether you are just going with the traditional black and gold 50th birthday theme or if you are choosing something that reflects the interests or hobbies of the birthday boy or girl. Popular themes are Hawaiian or tropical, sports or sports team related, hobbies – such as fishing, flying, hiking, etc. Speak with the Boston area party venues regarding the type of decorations that are okay and when you can come in to set up in advance of the party. Think about table decorations, centerpieces, favors and other options for guests to really enjoy the party and get in with the theme of your event.

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