Planning a Fall Wedding Reception in Milford, Mass

What could be more lovely than an autumn wedding in New England? If you have always dreamed of hosting a classic wedding reception and ceremony in Southeastern Massachusetts, it pays to start planning early. Outdoor weddings may seem like a dream, but the truth is that the weather in the northeastern states can be downright unpredictable. Your best bet is to plan a wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts at a beautiful venue and hire a photographer to do wedding photos outdoors in the local area. This gives you the best of both worlds, beautiful photos that you will be able to share and look at forever, without having to tell the backstory about how the wind, rain and frigid temperatures ruined your fabulous outdoor wedding.

Best Tips for Massachusetts Brides
To pull off a memorable event, it pays to work with a professional. Whether you hire a wedding planner or take advantage of the services available through your wedding reception venue, make sure to soak in all the advice that you can get! While you want your fall wedding to reflect the season through the colors that you choose and the decorations, it is important to avoid choosing items that will make it feel more like a child’s school party than an elegant and classic wedding reception. Read up on ideas to stage a wedding reception, from setting up a beautiful cake and dessert table to creating unique spaces for guests to explore as they mingle and celebrate your special day.

Embrace the season and dress accordingly. Don’t select a spring or summer wedding dress when you should actually be wearing something that will keep you warm on a cool, autumn day. Sandals or open-toed shoes might be more appropriate for a warm weather wedding. Many brides are opting for original ideas in footwear, such as colorful sneakers or warm boots. Consider adding things to keep your bridal party warm at the wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, such as throw blankets or pashminas. Even an indoor wedding can get chilly, so discuss plans for heating or adding a coffee and hot cocoa station for guests. Ask the venue about options for rainy weather or early snowfalls, such as valet parking or outdoor heaters as guests enter the property.

Go All-In With the Decor
Everything from the invitations that you send to your guests to the decorations on the wedding cake should embrace your theme. Choose elegant options when you look for items to stage a wedding reception to help you avoid things that are too commercial or “cheap” looking. Select beautiful centerpieces, place settings and favors to help guests feel welcome and immerse them in your theme. Use lighting artfully to accent special areas within the venue and to create a beautiful setting for your celebration. Discuss your plans with the on-site event coordinator to ensure that all of the tips for Massachusetts brides that you want to include are possible or allowed at the venue.

Fall foods, beverages, and specialty desserts should all embrace the seasonal theme as well. Discuss your ideas for bringing in the tastes of the season if these items are not available through the in-house catering options. While most venues will limit outside food to the wedding cake or a unique dessert item, if you express the ideas for your theme, they may make other allowances. Seasonal pies or pastries can be a nice addition to your classic wedding reception. Decorate food areas with harvest food items that coordinate with your wedding colors, such as pumpkins, corn stalks, wheat, gourds, apples, and even hay bales. Accent with colorful wildflowers or traditional-style flowers to make it even more elegant.

Favor Ideas for Fall Weddings
While most people think about colorful Jordan almonds, M&Ms or other types of candy as being the best bet for wedding favors, there are other seasonal items that you could use as well. Miniature apple pies, gourmet caramel apples, hot cocoa or cider kits in Mason jars, seasonal hand sanitizers and lip balms – when you start to think outside the box, a whole new world of favor ideas will start to come to you. Wrap each favor in ribbon, paper, tulle, or other types of fabric to give it a special flair. These gifts don’t have to be expensive. They are just a cute way of saying thank-you to your guests for attending your special day.

The same goes with gifts for your wedding party. Forget the monogrammed flasks and lipsticks that couples usually give out to their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Instead, consider seasonal items that reflect the theme of the wedding for them as well. You can still give personalized items that feature the name of the person, their initials, the date of the event, or even the location, but just make sure that whatever you give comes from the heart and matches the theme of your celebration.

The Crystal Room in Milford, MA
Couples who are planning a classic wedding reception in the South Coast area should take a tour of The Crystal Room. Our recently renovated and beautifully appointed venue is perfect for a seasonal wedding celebration. Contact our event planning staff by calling 508-478-7800. One the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to start planning early. Give us a call to schedule a tour or to check on availability for your special wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts.