Planning a Fun & Memorable Wedding Reception in Milford, MA

fun-receptionYour wedding reception. The second most important thing to plan on the most important day of your life. Where do we begin? When planning a wedding reception in Milford, MA, the first thing you need to do is choose a venue. Oftentimes the venue itself will help you figure out what type of decorations, menu items, theme and activities you will offer to your guests when they come out to celebrate your very special day. Reception decorations in Massachusetts can vary wildly, depending upon how much space you have, the basic decor of the venue, any restrictions for decoration set by the venue, your budget – and your imagination!

When it comes to making the plans for your wedding party in New England, it is important to consider the entire scope of the wedding day, how many people will be there, how much time you will have and also how much time you want to spend with guests versus running off for a honeymoon with the love of your life. Post-wedding party ideas can be basic and traditional or intricate and modern; it just depends on how much you want to spend and how much time and interaction you and your spouse will want to spend with friends and family on this day.

Choosing the Venue

If you are holding a wedding reception in Milford, MA, the choice should be clear. The Crystal Room is a premier venue, which was recently renovated and updated in 2014. It has a very beautiful and elegant space that can be used for your reception, tons of ample parking on-site and a variety of options that will help you make it your own. The basic wedding package includes a lot of extras that most venues do not include. This can help you keep your budget under control and not get hit with a lot of surprise charges in the final days before you say, “I do.” Not only do you get a lot of included items, but you also get to work with our experienced Personal Coordinator, who will help you make your reception plans and enjoy your day.

Also included at The Crystal Room: elegantly framed table numbers; floor length ivory linens with your choice of colored napkins; a champagne toast for ALL of your guests; a four course plated meal with your choice from our professionally catered menu selection; cake cutting service, wedding cake enhancements; and a complimentary food tasting for the bride and groom to help with making menu selections. Other options can be added on, including hosting your wedding ceremony indoors at The Crystal Room or outdoors at Hopedale Pond, just 10 minutes away. An open bar, a seating board, hors d’oeurves, a tiered flowing beverage fountain, ambient uplighting, a photobooth, centerpieces and much more can also be added a la carte, making The Crystal Room the best place to host a wedding reception in Milford, MA hands down!

More Planning, Less Panicking

When it comes to figuring out how to pull off all of your post-wedding party ideas and just really enjoy the experience, the first tip is to do all of your planning and running around ahead of time and not save anything for the final weeks and days prior to your big day. Even if things go wrong or something gets overlooked, you need to learn to accept it, move past it and not sweat the details. Chances are, one tiny thing like a mixed up flower bouquet or a special decorative item for the table of your wedding party in New England won’t even be noticed by your guests.

Create a timeline for the day of the wedding and provide it to your guests at the start of the day when they arrive for the ceremony. While you might not want your day scripted and scheduled, the truth is that in order to fit it all in, you will need to have a plan. Include the start time for the ceremony, the start time for the reception – don’t forget to estimate travel time between the ceremony and the reception venue, the time that dinner will be served and any special events, such as bouquet tossing, cake cutting, dancing and more.

In most cases, the reception starts about an hour or so after the wedding, giving everyone time to travel and providing the couple and wedding party with time for extra photos or just a chance to breathe! Speak with your Personal Coordinator at The Crystal Room for more timing tips for a fun and memorable wedding reception in Milford, MA!

Hosting Your Wedding Reception in Milford, MA

If you are planning a wedding party in New England, consider The Crystal Room in beautiful Milford, Massachusetts. Located just a minute off of the I-495 and conveniently centered in Southeastern Massachusetts for guests coming from Boston, Cape Cod, Westport, Rhode Island, Connecticut and the rest of the northeastern region, this is a great choice for your celebration. Unlike many big city venues, there’s tons of on-site parking and lots of great amenities that will help you enjoy your special day. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 or use our online contact form to make an appointment so you can meet with our team of professional coordinators and take a tour of our well-designed facility.