Planning a High School Prom at the Best Party Venue in Milford

high-school-prom-planningWhile most school usually have a prom committee to take care of all the details for decorating and promotional items for the event, choosing a basic theme, picking the right Milford party venue and considering reception staging ideas for the event can be overwhelming. It is important to look at all your options to make sure you pick out the best party and reception decorations in Massachusetts to fit the theme of your prom and that you choose the best party venue in Milford, based on what the location has to offer.

A lot of high schools will host prom on-site in the gymnasium or cafeteria area. However, there are many schools that just don’t have the space to accommodate a whole prom, so they look elsewhere for other venues. Choosing a venue that has enough space for all of your students and their dates, as well as assorted chaperones, DJs or bands, photographer stations and other prom must-have activities is important. While there are a lot of moving parts to consider when planning a prom, once you tackle each area of the event piece by piece it will become a lot easier to handle.

How to Pick a Good Venue
When it comes to choosing the right Milford party venue you need to make sure that it is convenient. The Crystal Room is located just a minute off the I-495, making it convenient to many different schools within the local region. When you consider halls to rent for your prom event, make sure there is enough space for all attendees and enough parking for cars, limos and space for parents to drop off guests. The Crystal Room has plenty of on-site parking and options available for valet as well.

Another hallmark of a good promo location is to choose a place that has enough room for your reception staging ideas. If you want a dance floor and space for the DJ or band, as well as space for tables so students and their dates can sit and drink punch or enjoy other refreshments, you want to make sure there is enough space. The best party venue in Milford is the one that can accommodate you, your guests, your plans and all of your ideas for reception decorations in Massachusetts.

Choose a Prom Theme
The best way to start really digging into the planning for your prom is to start by choosing a prom theme. A lot of schools also pick a prom song, the popular song that will set the tone for the event. The song can be a slow song that will be used to finish off the event or it can be a wildly popular song that has some meaning for the school, such as something played at football games or as part of a school spirit type thing in pep rallies or other events. It could even just be the most popular song of the year that every student knows.

The theme can coordinate with the song – such as the year that every school had a jungle theme to match with the ever-popular “Roar” by Katy Perry. The theme can also be totally independent of the song. In fact, a lot of schools will have the committee choose several ideas for themes and then put the themes to a vote with the other students. Once the theme has been chosen, you can start purchasing reception decorations in Massachusetts and begin contacting vendors for other reception staging ideas.

Other things that can be chosen once the venue and theme are selected include:

  • promotional posters announcing the prom to the student body
  • tickets to be purchased for attending the prom that reflect the theme
  • information for the school paper or other announcements about the venue address, date and time for the prom
  • refreshments can be chosen that either reflect the theme or that are standard for typical high school prom events
  • nominations and voting process for prom king and queen
  • choice of crowns, sashes and other awards to be given out at the prom

Should You Get a Band or a DJ?
When it comes time to plan the rest of your prom event, make sure to consult with the Milford party venue to find out what they recommend or what is allowed at the location with regard to entertainment. Some schools like to get both a DJ and a band if it is in the budget to ensure that there are popular tunes plus live music available for students to enjoy. Make sure that the venue knows your plans so they can help you with reception staging ideas and creating a schedule of when different things will happen throughout the evening.

Contact The Crystal Room for the Best Party Venue in Milford
If you are looking for a great local Milford party venue to host a prom or other special event, look no further than The Crystal Room. Our team of highly trained and experienced event coordinators can help you pull off your big dance and can even help you with suggestions on places to hire vendors and get reception decorations in Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to take a tour of our facility or to find out our availability during prom season. Remember that prom season is right at the beginning of spring and summer wedding season, so the sooner you contact our event center, the more likely we will be to have your target date available.