Planning a Holiday Wedding Reception in Milford, Massachusetts

Just because spring is the most popular season for planning a reception in New England, doesn’t mean that there aren’t couples who prefer other seasons for their special day. Whether due to scheduling because of work-related reasons or simply because they prefer different times of the year, it is important for wedding planners to have ideas ready to help with a Milford wedding reception year-round.

Benefits of a Holiday Wedding

While the snow and ice of the northeastern states might be a bit daunting to some couples, there are quite a few benefits as well. Most people avoid the holidays for significant events, such as weddings and receptions, so there can sometimes be more availability at your favorite venue. Plan a tour of The Crystal Room and check on availability for a holiday wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts to see whether it works with your schedule. Also, vendors might be more available as well and, in some cases, some vendors may have lower fees due to the slow season to try and drum up more business. While this isn’t true with all vendors and it will depend on what you are looking to get, it could work to your advantage when planning a reception in New England for the holiday season.

Seasonal colors for a holiday wedding are beautiful and easy to locate. Unlike that specific shade of pink or yellow that spring brides are searching for, a holiday wedding can be a classic black and white, embrace holiday colors such as autumn leaves for Thanksgiving and the red, green, and gold of Christmas. Other accent colors can be quite beautiful as well, ivory white, snow white, sparkling metals like silver and gold – it all depends on your theme and what you want to get out of your Milford wedding reception. Reception menu ideas can also reflect the season, making it easier to host a reception with a wide range of entree options than you would want during warmer weather.

Considerations for a Holiday Wedding

If you are planning your seasonal wedding a year in advance, you can start stocking up on related decorative items after the holidays are over and save as much as 50-75 percent on cost. However, it is important to think ahead about floral items, as winter flowers in New England can be quite pricey. Most couples are counseled to choose seasonal, local blooms to save money, but greenhouse flowers or flown-in flowers to the florist can cost a lot, regardless of what varieties you choose in the winter months. Consider looking at silk florals in the post-holiday sales to invigorate centerpieces and decorative items for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts. Only having to purchase real flowers for the bouquets and boutonnieres will save you a lot for a winter wedding.

Speak with the venue about plans for extreme winter weather. It is difficult to determine what the weather will be, especially if you are planning a reception in New England a year in advance. Ask about snow plowing for the parking lot, shoveling and de-icing for the entry areas, and possible options for backup generators, just in case you have concerns about power outages. Find out about the heat at the venue and don’t be afraid to ask about other winter weddings and how the weather may have affected how things were done in the past. The more you can work with the on-site coordinator to plan everything from the decorations for your Milford wedding reception to selecting the reception menu ideas, the easier it will all go on your special day.

Work with vendors, such as photographers, DJs, videographers, etc. to see about including an option to cancel or postpone if the wedding gets delayed due to a blizzard, power outage, or major storm. Even better, consider getting wedding insurance to protect you against losing deposits due to weather-related issues so you can book a new vendor on a new date without having to pay double the cost.

The Crystal Room in Milford, MA

If you are planning a reception in New England and are looking for the perfect venue, look no further than The Crystal Room. We are a premier wedding venue with all of the amenities, space, and options available to help you plan a beautiful wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts any time of year. Our team can help you select a date, choose all of the custom options, and assist you in coordinating with vendors to create the Milford wedding reception of your dreams. Located just a minute off the I-495, we are located conveniently to all of the major cities and airports within the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area. Call today to schedule a tour and see for yourself why so many couples choose to plan their special celebration at The Crystal Room.