Planning a Reception in New England: Top Seasonal Menu Ideas

seasonal menu ideas for southeastern massachusetts weddingsWhen you think about your wedding day at reception locations in Milford, MA, what type of food items do you picture? Some couples come to us to discuss choosing a reception menu based on dietary restrictions or even theme-based food items, but the most popular way to select the food that will be served at your reception is the season. When most people think about spring and summer, they are geared more toward fresh and light fare; however, when they consider foods that are best for fall and winter, their tastes are often more comforting or heavy in nature. The Crystal Room offers a four-course plated menu when planning a reception in New England at our premier wedding venue. However, you can also upgrade any of the menu items based on your own particular tastes or to better match the theme or season of your wedding.

Spring & Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

Going along with our included options for a four-course menu, many of our spring and summer brides will choose to lean more toward lighter food choices. The first course could begin with either our homemade vegetable minestrone or the chicken escarole soup. An excellent choice for the second course would be the tossed garden salad with seasoned croutons and Italian dressing. For the third course, you could choose between the baked boneless chicken breast with either sage bread stuffing or seasoned rice stuffing. Vegetables should be bright, clean and simple, such as our fresh string beans Almondine or glazed fancy sliced carrots. Choose your starches carefully, such as a light and beautiful rice pilaf to balance out the meal.

Upgrade options for spring and summer could include light hors d’oeuvres like spring rolls with dipping sauce or fancy shrimp over ice with cocktail sauce. Instead of a green salad, you could upgrade to our popular classic antipasto platter, and the third course options that would be best suited for spring include Surf & Turf, grilled salmon, and chicken Parmagiana. Upgrade your vegetables to asparagus drizzled with a cheese sauce and your starch to a beautifully-made Parmesan risotto. Make sure to speak with one of our representatives when you begin to stage a wedding reception about upgrade requests, dietary restriction menus, and other options as soon as possible when choosing a reception menu in the spring and summer.

Fall & Winter Wedding Menu Ideas

Sticking with the included options for planning a reception in New England, some excellent choices for the fall and winter at reception locations in Milford, MA are a bit heavier and more relevant to the season. Our homemade Italian Wedding soup is an excellent starter, especially when paired with our Classic Caesar salad with shredded Parmesan cheese. For the third course, consider a roast turkey with all the trimmings or our center-cut stuffed pork loin for a memorable meal. Vegetable and starch options include buttered sliced carrots, garlic fresh string beans, and whipped Idaho potatoes. We also have oven-roasted potatoes in “Red Bliss” or “Italian Style” options.

Upgraded choices for fall and winter weddings include stuffed mushrooms, miniature Beef Wellingtons, and fresh scallops wrapped in bacon for the first course. Pasta-based second course menu items include stuffed shells, manicotti, meatballs and sausages, ravioli, and penne pasta. Third course items best suited for fall and winter include chicken marsala, roasted prime rib of beef, and our popular lamb chops. Vegetable and starch upgrades include butternut squash and broccoli au gratin. Ask about sliced cheesecake with strawberries and other dessert options that can be offered in addition to your wedding cake.

Buffets and Specialty Stations

Another consideration for choosing a reception menu when planning a reception in New England is to think about adding buffets or specialty stations for your celebration. When you contact The Crystal Room to discuss how to stage a wedding reception, make sure to ask about extra stations like these so they can be included in with the planning. Reception locations in Milford, MA will often have a lot of extra services that you can add if you just ask. For example, The Crystal Room also has buffet options for breakfast and brunch, late night menu items, and even dessert buffets that can be included to really treat your guests to a special celebration.

Contact our team at 508-478-7800 to speak with an on-site event coordinator about your menu ideas, space needs, and desired date for your wedding reception. We also do wedding ceremonies and parties for other types of special events, so make sure to contact us direct to discuss your requirements.