Planning the Company Holiday Party at a Milford Party Venue

Classic Holiday Party for Business in Milford MassachusettsBeing responsible for your company’s holiday party can be stressful or it can be easy. It is possible to do it all without resorting to hiring professional party planning experts and running yourself ragged. It is important to make a good impression, so get started by selecting the best party venue in Milford. Make sure it is easy-to-find and conveniently located, such as The Crystal Room, which is just a minute off the I-495. Plenty of ample parking, large ballrooms for parties and tons of great amenities that will help you do just about anything you want with regard to presentation and entertainment. Once you finish with the task of choosing a reception hall, everything else will fall into place.

Get a Budget from Finance
Make sure that before you make any reservations, confirmations or hire any vendors, that you have a budget from your finance department. You don’t want to go over-the-top with your plans, only to discover that the big annual party wasn’t in the budget for this year. Once you receive the budget, you will want to allocate funds for various things, such as the venue, holiday party menu ideas, desserts, drinks, entertainment, decorations and anything extra that you want to include. The venue will be able to help you with some of these details, so it pays to work closely with the on-site coordinator to start checking things off your list.

Use the Venue to Your Advantage
When it comes to decorating for a company party, it pays to choose a venue that is well-designed and looks great even before you bring any decorations. Some older banquet halls have dark, dingy-looking walls that can only be fixed with a lot of crepe paper and dim lighting. Taking time to look around and choosing a reception hall that is recently renovated or designed for professional and important events can help to reduce the amount of decorating you will need to do. Make sure to schedule a tour of the facility to ensure that you have chosen the best party venue in Milford and ask about decorations, amenities and other options that can be included in with your rental package.

Hire a Pro for Catering
When it comes right down to picking the holiday party menu ideas that everyone will appreciate the most, it pays to work with a professional. Some offices try to do a potluck type situation to save money, but when you really want to “wow” your guests and have a party that everyone will talk about long into the new year, it’s best to stick with professional party planning services. When you host your event at The Crystal Room, you can take advantage of our on-site catering services to provide you with all of the menu items you desire. From buffet service to luncheon items, fancy plated dinners to hors d’oeuvre trays, our team can provide you with the food you need to have the type of party you desire.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment
It is important to have some sort of entertainment and activities planned for your company holiday party to ensure that everyone has a good time. Whether you hire a band or DJ for some dancing, or if you decide to hire a speaker, comedian or other type of entertainer, make sure to check with the venue about any requirements they might have for bringing in outside vendors. If you will be handing out awards, doing a raffle or anything that might need an emcee and some audio-visual equipment, make sure to discuss these things as well when choosing a reception hall. Part of professional party planning, whether you do it yourself, hire a pro or lean on the on-site coordinator for the venue, is in creating a schedule of events that will help make your plans for the party to flow smoothly and without incident or confusion.

Include Details in the Invitations
Make sure to include important information about your party plans and holiday party menu ideas in the invitations. If spouses or significant others are also invited to attend, make sure to make it clear. You may also want to state “families welcome” or “adults only”, depending on whether you want children to attend the party. Including information about the menu, such as if it is catered or if there is an entrée choice that must be selected in advance, is also welcome and can help guests start looking forward to the party. Send out the invitations as early as possible to ensure the biggest turnout possible. Consider adding an RSVP if necessary.

Visit The Crystal Room in Milford, MA
If you are interested in choosing a reception hall for the best party venue in Milford, contact The Crystal Room. Our on-site event coordinator can help you with holiday party menu ideas and other professional party planning services. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour or to check on availability for your desired date. We are located just a minute off the I-495, making our venue convenient for guests coming from all over the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island area.