Planning the Perfect New England Fairytale Wedding

Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t have the fairytale wedding you’ve always dreamed of having. Whether you were a Cinderella girl or were inspired more by Beauty & the Beast, it is possible to have all of the romantic elements necessary to make all your dreams come true – whether you have a professional wedding planner or you’re on a budget.

From choosing your wedding colors to planning out the wedding reception activities, consider this article to be your guide in helping you create a magical, fairytale atmostphere for your wedding reception.

The Dress

Every good wedding starts with the dress. There are so many options now available to brides via online sources, outlet stores and custom designers. Disney even makes a line of distinct wedding dresses and wedding attire that will make you look as though you just stepped out of a fairytale movie. Puffy sleeves, long trains, flowing veils – whatever it takes to make you feel like a princess – that’s what you need to look for in a bridal gown.

Exquisite bodice decorations, mountains of fluffy tafetta, elegant accessories and, of course, you can top it all off with a beautiful tiara. Many fairytale brides are now opting to go with the tiara instead of the traditional veil. Or you can use the tiara as a hairpiece to hold the veil, which can be removed after the ceremony so the crown can still be worn during the wedding reception.

The Wedding Party

Of course you’ll want your bridesmaids to look like princesses too. Choose from princess colors, such as pinks, purples and yellows, or choose to mimic a color scheme from your favorite fairytale instead. Primary colors for Snow White, a variety of blues and silvers for Cinderella, sea colors for Ariel or blues and yellows for Belle.

Your bridesmaids can either wear formal floor length dresses to match the bride, or shorter cocktail dresses with a little storybook flair thrown in for good measure. Imagine seeing your flower girls dressed up as little fairies – complete with tiny wings!

Your groom and groomsmen should include a little splash of magical color in their ties, vests and/or pocket handkerchiefs. Consider white suits or tuxedos instead of the traditional black for a more princely look and appeal for your New England fairytale wedding.

The Venue

Of course you don’t have to go too far, far away to have a beautiful ceremony and wedding reception. In fact, many local reception halls will have all the space you need to create your fairytale land, but at a price you won’t have to ransom the kingdom to afford. If you have any special decorations in mind that might take up a lot of space or require special accommodations, make sure to ask the venue manager ahead of time before putting down a deposit.

Make sure there’s enough room to enjoy your wedding dance with your prince, plus room for all your guests. If you are lucky enough to have a fairy godmother – er, wedding planner – make sure to have her gather all of the details about the venue, such as the time it will be available, required deposit dates, catering and bar restrictions, etc. If you want to arrive in a horsedrawn carriage, make sure that’s going to be okay with the management as well.

The Decorations

For princesses on a budget, you can visit your local craft and fabric stores to start collecting supplies that will help you create a magical wedding reception decor. Choose bolts of tulle in your fairytale colors and include a lot of white as an accent to create an airy feeling in the reception hall. The tulle can be hung and draped throughout the hall, as well as used to dress up chairs, decorate pews in the church and create beautiful bows throughout the reception venue.

To make your tulle even more magical, spray a light coating of adhesive on the fabric and sprinkle lightly with silver or gold glitter, shaking off the excess. Use lots of tiny white lights to make the glitter sparkle and add a few flowers – real or artificial – in with the fabric to create a dreamy and romantic backdrop for your special night.

Think about the fairytale that you are emulating and include special elements that are well-known for that particular princess. For example, red roses under glass would be beautiful for a Beauty & the Beast theme wedding, just as tiny glass slippers would make a big splash for a Cinderella wedding. Use your imagination and you just might be surprised at the wonderful decoration ideas you come up with for the wedding reception venue.

The Menu & the Cake

Your wedding reception menu should consist of rich foods that are fit for royalty. If servers are out of your budget, create a royal buffet complete with a carving station and lots of side options that your guests will enjoy. Include a bonus candy and dessert table with lots of brightly colored goodies that reflect the magical mood of your fairytale wedding.

The cake should be the centerpiece of your event. Tiers of cake or cupcakes stacked as high as possible with a gorgeous wedding cake topper that reflects an image of you and your prince. Lenox has a beautiful collection of white on white Disney princesses that can be used to decorate your cake, along with a big garland of beautiful flowers.

The Reception Activities

Of course you’ll want to dance the night away with your handsome prince before you jet off to live happily ever after. Consider skipping the DJ or rock band to hire a string quartet. Hiring orchestral musicians will add a touch of class and elegance to your wedding reception activities. Make sure the musicians can play the theme music from the fairytale that inspired your wedding most, along with other classical songs that will get your guests out for a waltz on the dance floor.

You and your prince shouldn’t sit on folding chairs – instead, bring in a couple of thrones that you can sit in to dine and watch the festivities. A beautifully ornate throne can also be a great prop for the removal of the garter belt – it will look great in your wedding photos for your New England fairytale wedding.

Other wedding reception activities, such as cutting the cake, the first dance, the father-daughter dance, the tossing of the bouquet, should all be done with royal flair. Ask your wedding planner for other suggestions of things you can do to make your wedding reception even more like a fairytale. Chances are she has helped to plan one or more events in this theme and can give you some amazing insider tips.