Post-Wedding Party Ideas: Gather a Clean-Up Crew in Milford

When it comes to planning a Massachusetts wedding reception, everyone wants to help pick out dresses, decorations, and DJs, but nobody wants to help with the clean-up crew. Beyond choosing a reception hall for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, today’s brides need tips that they can use to get everyone on board with the tasks that they need most. After all, when the reception is all said and done, the bride should be on her way to a hotel or honeymoon getaway, not spend the night at the venue cleaning up after the festivities. Once you are done choosing a reception menu, pick your wedding colors, and finally say YES to that dress, it’s time to get down to brass tacks and encourage friends and family to help with the biggest job of them all.

What Needs to Be Done?
While volunteers are definitely needed in the set-up department, the area where most couples find themselves at a loss is at the end of the night when everything needs to be cleaned up and hauled away. All of those little extras that you put your heart into organizing for the guest tables, wedding party tables, and other post-wedding party ideas need to be boxed up and taken somewhere so the venue can clean for the next big event. The real clean-up in this type of situation isn’t wiping down tables, rinsing off dishes or even taking out the trash, the jobs that will be done after your Massachusetts wedding reception include:

  • boxing up everything that was left behind – centerpieces, decorations, abandoned favors, and leftover cake or cupcakes
  • loading all of those boxes into vehicles – hopefully, you have friends with trucks, mini vans, SUVs or other large types of transportation
  • double-checking to ensure that nothing gets left behind
  • working with venue staff if you need to make multiple trips or making arrangements to pick-up large furniture items the next morning, if possible

Make sure to speak with the on-site event coordinator for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts to find out what their post-wedding party ideas are about clean-up. Some venues require everything to be removed within a certain amount of time following the reception, while others may have space to store things on-site until you can get back the next day to pick them up. This may influence choosing a reception hall, based upon what your schedule is, how much help you have, and your plans for removing all of your decorations and other items for your Massachusetts wedding reception.

Create a “Pack List” for the Reception
This list will be your guide before the wedding and after all the guests go home. Even if you are already at the airport and on your way to some island, your designated clean-up crew can follow your “pack list” and make sure that nothing gets left behind or forgotten. Many experts recommend that you create two lists, one for “go to” items that need to be brought to the wedding and another for “come back” for the things that need to be boxed up and taken away. There will be some items that “go to” that won’t be returning, such as table numbers, take away centerpieces, and favors. While some of these items will remain, especially if some guests were unable to attend, it will be considerably less.

The good news is that set-up takes longer to do than the clean-up and breakdown. Unfortunately, many of your friends and family will be tired from dancing, a little inebriated from the repeated toasts, or just unwilling to help. This is why it is important to ask for volunteers ahead of time and try to get more help than you need. Even if everyone stays to help with the breakdown, that just means the work will get done faster, and everybody can go home earlier than planned. Make sure to ask the venue when choosing a reception hall about set-up and breakdown times. Some sites will include this time in with the package or have special rules about early arrivals and late departures, so it pays to ask while in the initial stages of planning your Massachusetts wedding reception.

Start Planning Your Wedding Today
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