Private Ceremony, Big Reception: Milford, MA Wedding Trends

We get it. Sometimes all of the drama and stress that comes with getting married in Attleboro or the surrounding area can be overwhelming. It can be easy to feel as though you are losing the intimacy of the purpose behind the celebration. Many modern brides are choosing to have a small wedding ceremony, either at a favorite church or chapel, in a specific location that is special to the couple, or even at the same venue as the wedding reception in Milford, MA. However, while the ceremony is small and limited to close friends, family, and the wedding party alone, the reception is opened up to a wider scope of family members and friends, as well as co-workers, neighbors, and far-flung relatives.

Reasons to Have a Small Ceremony
Choosing a reception hall with the idea of hosting a dinner for 100, 200 or more guests can be a lot of work. However, all of those reception staging ideas can make it difficult to think about where the ceremony will be and how the transition will occur from saying your vows to partying the night away with a DJ and a bunch of twinkly lights. Sometimes keeping the two separate is a great way to have a more intimate experience, only sharing those words written for each other with the people who matter the most.

Another reason might be cost. While receptions are usually more expensive than ceremonies, it all depends on your tastes and preferences. Destination weddings are becoming more popular, so while you might not be getting married in Attleboro, Milford, or anywhere local to the New England area, you can still host a wedding reception in Milford, MA for everyone who couldn’t make it to the destination ceremony. Popular destinations for ceremonies include beaches, islands, and other tropical locations, as well as mountain tops, forests, deserts, and the big cities. If there is a place that holds meaning to you as a couple, why not get married there, but still plan a celebration with family and friends back home?

The timing could be another issue for some couples. Choosing a reception hall that is available for the date that you want it might be easy, but getting time at the religious venue where you want the ceremony performed could be more difficult. Planning a ceremony on one day and the reception on another is not unheard of these days. In fact, some couples even fly out to Las Vegas to get hitched and have a mini honeymoon, before flying back home to host a reception for family and friends a few days later.

Reception Staging Ideas for Big Celebrations
Another thing that you need to consider when planning a big reception is the staging of all the things that you want to include. Where will you cut the cake? Where will the dance floor be situated? Where will guests sit down for dinner? Where will gifts and cards be placed? Where do you want to take photos with family and friends? Where will the guest book be set-up for guests to fill out? There are lots of things to consider, including food service options, such as a buffet or self-serve drink station, as well as a tended bar for adult guests.

When choosing a reception hall, make sure to share important information, such as the estimated number of guests, the type of meal that you want to serve, and how long you will need the space for your wedding reception in Milford, MA. If you are having a private ceremony and would like to host it on-site at the same venue, make sure to express that as well. Assistance with reception staging ideas for large events can be helpful, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with planning a wedding and do not plan on hiring a professional planner.

Host Your Reception at The Crystal Room
If you are getting married in Attleboro, Boston, Providence, or anywhere in the surrounding area, consider hosting your wedding reception in Milford, MA at The Crystal Room. Our team of highly trained and experienced event planners can help you with all of your reception staging ideas and help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of our venue or to check on availability for your date range.