Quirky Theme Ideas & Tips for Wedding Receptions in Milford

Today’s couples can choose just about any wedding theme that they want, whether it is a nod to a favorite movie or genre, when it comes to choosing the decorations, wedding cakes and music, anything goes. From Star Wars to steampunk princesses, you can plan an extravagant or budget wedding reception that reflects your interests, personality and dreams for the future. Reception locations in Milford, MA have embraced this new trend in wedding themes, providing couples with the perfect backdrop for whatever it is that they want to include on their special day.

Choose the Venue
Regardless of your theme, the first thing you should do is choose the venue. If you are looking for wedding reception locations near Pawtucket or in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, look no further than The Crystal Room in Milford, MA. Our recently renovated facility features beautiful event space that can be customized to suit your specific needs. On-site catering, in-house event planning, and associations with local vendors, can help you to plan the perfect celebration regardless of your budget.

There are advantages to choosing The Crystal Room, such as our convenient location to the I-495, which makes it easy for guests to find the venue, as well as our well-appointed facility, which features a wide range of technology options for all of your audio-visual needs. Our staff can help you with Milford reception staging ideas, which can really make all the difference in the presentation of your wedding celebration theme. Lighting, included linens, optional extras, and much more can help do-it-yourself brides to plan a professional affair without having to rely on expensive wedding planner services.

Selecting the Theme
Once you choose the venue and reserve your desired date, you can start making more definitive plans for your special day at our reception location in Milford, MA. Some couples choose to have subtle nuances that reflect the theme for their wedding, while others prefer a more direct or blatant approach. Select wedding colors that coordinate with your chosen theme that can be used throughout the ceremony and reception to tie everything together.

Some examples of quirky themes that wedding coordinators see today include:

  • SPORTS – Perhaps your first date was at a football game or you enjoy traveling together to see NASCAR races, whatever your shared interest, you can create a wedding theme to match. Baseball, basketball, golf, football, auto racing, soccer, and many other sports have all been used as themes for modern wedding celebrations.
  • MOVIES – Got a favorite movie that means something to you as a couple? Lots of couples are doing movie theme weddings that range from comedies and dramas to Disney cartoons. Maybe you like something a little more off-beat? Imagine a Rocky Horror Picture Show wedding with everyone dressed in costume or a Marvel superheroes theme with all the guests coming as their favorite character. If you can dream it up, you can include it with your Milford reception staging ideas for your special day.
  • HISTORICAL ERAS – Crazy about the 60s or wish you could have been around for the Big Band days of the 40s? You can create a complete historical era theme for your sky’s the limit or budget wedding reception. Shop for vintage dresses or choose modern takes on classic styles. Select color combinations that were popular “back in the day” and include special cocktails and desserts that came from that era.
  • CULTURAL THEMES – Are you proud of your German heritage? Want to incorporate cultural aspects that remind you of your trip to Africa? The cultural theme that you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be from your own background, it can be something that means something to you as a couple. Whether you have visited there in-person, or just dream of going one day in the future, cultural dress, dishes, attire, and even wedding customs, can be easily incorporated into your ideas for wedding reception locations near Pawtucket.

Be Careful Not to Go Overboard
When it comes to choosing decorations and other elements for your theme celebration at reception locations in Milford, MA, it is important to remember that less can sometimes be more. Integrating theme elements with traditional Milford reception staging ideas and decor, can make for a very memorable, yet tasteful affair. When it doubt consider getting a second opinion with a professional wedding planner or, if you are hosting a budget wedding reception, get the opinion of the on-site coordinator at the venue.

If you are searching for wedding reception locations near Pawtucket or in the Southeastern Massachusetts region, consider The Crystal Room, located just a minute off the I-495 in Milford. Our beautifully designed and well-appointed facility can accommodate you and all your guests for a wonderful celebration of your new life together. If you are interested in taking a tour of our facility, give us a call at 508-478-7800.