Reasons to Host a Graduation Party at a Milford Party Venue

Graduation Party PlanningDo you know someone who is graduating from high school or college this year? Are you graduating? There are lots of reasons to host a graduation party for yourself, your friends or for a family member, but figuring out where to host your party can be challenging. You might be tempted just to hold the event at your own home or in your backyard, but there are lots of great reasons to choose a local Milford party venue instead. In addition to providing you with more room, bigger opportunities and different options for everything from the arrangement of the event to the food and beverages that are served, there are lots of other great reasons to rent a party room in Milford, MA.

Getting Started
When you begin to toss around ideas for your graduation party, don’t just go out and buy a bunch of paper plates, napkins and graduation decorations in Massachusetts and be done with it. Sit down with a friend or family member and really plan to host a memorable event. From choosing a theme to picking a date, making a guest list to selecting live entertainment, there should be a plan for everything in order to pull off a great graduation party at the best party venue in Milford.

  • Time & Date – The first thing you need to decide on is the time and date for your graduation party. Don’t try to host a graduation party on the actual graduation day. There are often conflicts for guests because of family obligations and so many other parties. You can celebrate before or after the actual graduation ceremony and will likely get more RSVP notices as a result. Have a couple of dates in mind, just in case you are unable to get the party room in Milford, MA for your first choice. If the venue is busy with seasonal weddings and other events, ask about other options, such as weekday scheduling to secure the space.
  • Budgeting – You should also know how much your budget will be to throw a party. Include the venue rental, refreshments and graduation decorations in Massachusetts. Think about party invitations, favors, celebration cakes or cupcakes, as well as anything else that you want to include. Consider live entertainment, such as a DJ or a live band, as well as an emcee, caterers, photo booths, photographers and other event essentials. Speak with the Milford party venue about suggestions for vendors, as well as any requirements or restrictions for the use of the space. Some venues, like The Crystal Room, have on-site catering services and options for photo booths and other popular add-ons.
  • Guest List – You will also need to convey the number of guests to the party room in Milford, MA well in advance of the date. This is to make sure that there is enough space for everyone attending and, similar to weddings, many venues charge “per head” based on the number of guests that will be coming. If you are hosting a banquet style event with tables and chairs, knowing the number of invited and confirmed guests will be important. Include any family members, special guests, classmates, friends and other people who are important to the graduating student, such as sports coaches, teachers, professors, guidance counselors, military recruiters, clergy or anyone else that has made an impact on their life.

Making Solid Plans
Once you have your guest list, time and date, budget and venue all picked out, it’s time to start the next phase of planning for your graduation party at the best party venue in Milford. From invitations to decorations, this is a very important part of the party planning process and should not be overlooked. Do not save this type of planning for last minute. Make sure that you know what you want to do and how it will be accomplished well in advance of your event at the Milford party venue.

  • Refreshments – Check with the venue about bringing in outside refreshments or if there is an option to have catering done in-house. Consider a banquet-style plated dinner or buffet if you want to serve a meal, or a simple appetizer and beverage option to go with the graduation cake. Take advantage of any event planning support available through the venue to ensure that you don’t end up with a surprise on your party day.
  • Decorations – If you have a theme for your party, it will be much easier to purchase and coordinate graduation decorations in Massachusetts. Ask the venue about any included decorative items, such as linens for tables or other enhancements. Sometimes special lighting and audio-visual equipment can be included in with the party package at your local Milford party venue, so make sure to ask.
  • Contracts – Sign contracts with every vendor you work with at the party room in Milford, MA. From the DJ to the live band, the emcee to the cake baker; having contracts can make the difference between being compensated for errors and other problems, or getting stuck paying for something you didn’t get. Speak with the event coordinator at the best party venue in Milford to make sure that you have a contract for your big event.

Party at The Crystal Room in Milford
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