Renting a Party Room in Milford, MA for Holiday Celebrations

Believe it or not, now is the best time to start making plans for your office holiday party. Way before anyone starts getting out any decorations or making gift lists, you need to secure the best party venue in Milford for your special celebration. The location is important. There are a lot of Boston area party venues to choose from, and you need to make sure that the place you pick has enough space for all of your co-workers, has enough on-site parking to avoid potential problems, and is conveniently located so that everyone can find it.

While a lot of companies might choose a Boston area banquet hall in the city, there are a lot of parking, traffic, and space issues associated with these types of venues. Instead, think outside the box and choose a location outside of the city, such as The Crystal Room in Milford, MA. A little off the beaten path, yet conveniently located just a minute off the I-495, making it easy for employees coming from all over the South Coast area. Away from all the distractions and crowds of the city, your event will be much more private as a result.

Fun Activities to Consider
When hosting a holiday party, there are lots of things that you can do in the party room in Milford, MA that are related to the season without being overtly religious or insensitive to co-workers that might believe differently. Even though Santa Claus clearly represents Christmas, he is considered by many to be fairly benign. A fun game to play is “Who’s That Santa?” and have one or more bosses or employees dress up in the red suit to see who can guess who it is. Prizes can be given for the first one to guess or everyone can just have fun laughing at the responses. The Santa or Santas can hand out gifts, toss out candy canes, and be a part of the party until you do your big reveal.

Fun prizes to consider if you don’t want to do gift cards or generic wrapped items is to give out extra vacation days, long lunch hours or special permission for a casual week instead of just a casual Friday. Use your imagination, just make sure you get it approved by the folks in charge and that the payroll department knows about the possible adjustments. Other games that can be used include guessing how many candy canes or M&Ms are in a jar, submitting names or business cards in for a drawing, or playing some other seasonal type of game. Do a quick search online for game ideas or take suggestions from staff leading up to the party.

Serving Refreshments
What type of party do you want to have at the Greater Boston area party venues? Do you want a light cocktail party with appetizers and signature drinks or a real sit-down appreciation type event with a buffet or plated meal? Decide ahead of time and discuss your ideas with the Boston area banquet hall to make sure all your needs are met. Ask about bringing in a special thank-you or holiday cake to further show your appreciation to your employees and co-workers. Think about alcoholic drinks before agreeing to an open bar. Depending on your crew, drinks could be a big mistake that could lead to embarrassed employees or situations that require the assistance of the legal department.

Consider simply serving sodas, iced tea, coffee, and water or, if you want to do a toast, offering a champagne toast or a glass of wine with the meal. Not only will this save you money on the cost of alcohol at the best party venue in Milford, but it could help you avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with holiday parties at corporate events.

When choosing the items for a buffet or plated meal, try to think about everyone that will be attending. Do you have any well-known vegetarians or vegans that should be considered? What about anyone with a known allergy? You can work with the on-site event coordinator for the Boston area banquet hall to create a menu or provide menu options that will meet everyone’s needs. You can still choose the main menu items, just make sure that those who want a meat-free, gluten-free, or nut-free meal will have something that they can get without worrying about how it will affect them later.

Reserve the Best Party Venue in Milford
If you are ready to start planning your company’s holiday or end-of-year party, give us a call at The Crystal Room at 508-578-7800. Our team can help you choose the best date, the right space, and all the extras you need to plan a memorable event. Our party room in Milford, MA has plenty of space for you and all your guests. Call today to schedule a tour or to check on availability for your desired party date.