Seasonal Summertime Picks for Wedding Flowers in Framingham

Wedding Flowers in Framingham for Milford WeddingOne of the biggest advantages to choosing summer for a wedding is the flowers. For a truly elegant wedding reception, floral centerpieces and decorative items will set the stage for a romantic and memorable celebration. Combined with seasonal wedding colors, your summertime wedding in New England can include a wide range of blooms and heavenly scent combinations. Your best bet is to buy local. Not only will you get the freshest wedding flowers in Framingham and the surrounding area, but you will also save money. Brides who insist on out-of-season blooms that have to be flown in will have the biggest bill from their florist. However, if you consider purchasing flowers from local growers for your wedding reception in Milford, you will get the best-looking flowers for the money.

Seasonal Wedding Colors

Some of the most popular colors used for summer weddings include bright greens, pale pinks, brilliant purples, and buttery yellows. In fact, some brides might even move away from the traditional white wedding dress to select a pastel-toned gown. Blush, nude, and pale yellow gowns have become more popular in recent years. They can be used to match or compliment wedding flowers, theme choices, and other decor for a perfectly coordinated and elegant wedding reception.

While June is the traditional month for weddings, not every couple can secure a venue for their wedding reception in Milford in just four short weekends. As a result, summer wedding themes can be used anytime from Memorial Day through Labor Day in the northeastern region. Very late May, June, July, August, and sometimes even the first weekend in September can be the date range for summery themes and beautiful wedding flowers in Framingham and the surrounding area.

Popular Summer Themes

While it is perfectly fine to have a theme that is based solely on seasonal wedding colors and florals, many couples also want to have a more defined theme that relates to their interests. Once you choose a theme, finding decor options for a traditional, classic, modern, or elegant wedding reception can be easy. Decorative items can include a lot of different textures. Many wedding designers mix in florals and natural items with metals and printed materials for a unique result. Looking through wedding magazines can be helpful, as well as websites and social media groups like Pinterest.

Some of the most popular summer themes include:

  • beach weddings – woven arches decorated with flowers, greens, and other natural elements are a frequent focal point for daytime weddings; seashells, dried starfish, and wedding flowers in ocean colors will all lend to the beach look and feel of your celebration
  • island theme – while similar to a beach wedding, an island theme is more tropical; palm branches and potted palm trees, along with large tropical leaves can help to create the mood that you desire; brightly colored wedding flowers in Framingham would be best for this type of fun and elegant wedding reception
  • nautical celebration – another great summer theme is to incorporate nautical symbols, colors, and decor into the centerpieces, bouquets, and other focal points; seashells can still be used, along with anchors and compasses; navy, white, and red are popular colors for this type of theme, however, muted colors can be used to match more with your seasonal wedding colors
  • garden decorations – totally embrace the flowers of summer with a “secret garden” theme; can be enhanced with a traditional tea party or English garden theme; all the colors of the garden can be used here for wedding flowers, table garnish, and decorations; potted plants and watering cans can be used instead of glass vases for a fresh and interesting look for centerpieces

How to Choose the Flowers

Work with a local florist or grower for the best wedding flowers in Framingham and the surrounding area. Bouquets look lovely with a mixture of summer seasonal flowers, especially local blooms. Gerbera daisies, orchids, lilies, and roses are pretty much standard, but when you mix them with other types of flowers, it can take the look to a whole new level. Poppies, daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, sunflowers, zinnias, chrysanthemums, asters, and snapdragons add height, texture, color, and a bit of seasonal joy. Freesias, hydrangea, and waxflowers can bring an unexpected touch of elegance to your wedding theme and decor.

Start making plans for your wedding reception in Milford by touring The Crystal Room. A premier wedding venue in Southeastern Massachusetts, The Crystal Room is the perfect place to host your traditional, modern, or elegant wedding reception. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to discuss your ideas with our on-site event coordinator or to secure our venue for your desired date. Our team can assist with a wide range of services, including matching your seasonal wedding colors to the linens and suggesting vendors for wedding flowers in Framingham and the Southcoast region.