Seasonal Wedding Reception Ideas for Medway, Massachusetts

Choosing a theme for your wedding can be a frightening proposition. Finding the delicate balance between “wow, what a cool theme!” and “oh my gosh, what was she thinking?” can be difficult, to say the least. One of the best ways to create a beautiful wedding reception that will wow your guests and keep the whole “theme thing” under control is to let the season of your wedding be your guide.


Spring officially starts on March 21st and goes all the way through the first couple weeks in June. Because the month of June is included in this season, make sure to reserve the place where you will be having your ceremony, your reception hall in Milford, the band or DJ you want to use, the caterer and any other vendors you want to use well in advance. There is a lot of competition for these months, so make sure you get your orders in early.

Spring wedding dresses should be easier to choose than other seasons because the weather is so much more agreeable. However, plan for surprise weather, such as a late-season snow or unusually wet weather. Select wedding clothes that will be versatile, including a wrap for unexpected cold snaps and a short sleeved or sleeveless gown for warmer weather. Select light fabrics, such as batiste, crepe, Georgette, duchess satin and damask.

Attire for the wedding party at a spring wedding reception should include lightly colored palettes of blues, pinks, yellow and greens, as well as neutral colors and shades. Tea length or cocktail dresses are perfect for this time of year, as well as sleeveless, strapless and spaghetti strap tops.

Some of the most popular flowers of the season for a spring wedding reception and wedding include cherry blossoms, hydrangea, lilacs, lilies, bells of Ireland, sweetpea, violets and wisteria. Spring wedding reception decorations and favors can include floral, nature or even beach themed decor, such as placeholders, centerpieces, your wedding cake and more.

When it comes time to plan your spring wedding reception menu, speak with your caterer in Medway, MA for fresh ideas. Spring theme foods can include baby carrots, potatoes and asparagus; strawberries, raspberries, apricots or peaches; light chicken, fish or pasta dishes; and desserts such as carrot cake, lemon meringue pie or fresh fruit with angel food cake.


Summer officially starts on June 21st, on what is known as the longest day of the year. The season goes all the way through the third week in September, giving brides a lot of opportunities to set a summer wedding date. Again, as with spring wedding receptions and ceremonies, make sure to set your date well in advance to ensure that you secure the reception hall, church, band and any other important vendors for your special day.

Summer wedding dresses can be cool, airy and light to take advantage of the warm weather. Strapless bridal gowns, couple with pretty, brightly-colored bridesmaids dresses and lightweight suits for the men in the wedding party will create a beautiful, seasonal picture. Little pops of color injected into wedding reception decor, bridesmaids dresses, centerpieces, accessories and bridal bouquets, will help make the event lively without overpowering your reception hall with too much color.

Fun ideas for wedding favors include hand fans in your wedding colors to help cool your guests off in the summer heat. Parasols can be charming and a great way to add color to your summer wedding reception and ceremony, but can be cumbersome for bridesmaids to carry. However, they will be a welcome burden for an outdoor wedding in a garden or at the beach, particularly on a warm, sunny day.

Summer blooms are plentiful and more affordable than other times of the year, with most everything in every size, type and color being in-season. Choose from delicate daisies, gorgeous roses, dainty baby’s breath and more exotic, tropical flowers for your summer wedding reception centerpieces, bouquets, garland, cake table decor and more.

Speak with your caterer in Medway about summer wedding reception menu ideas that will refresh and cool your guests, rather than load them down with a heavy meal. You will want your guests to feel light and comfortable despite the warm weather so they can dance and celebrate with you and your groom. Think refreshing salads, signature cocktail drinks with fruit or floral garnish, light seafood fare and sweet treats, such as an ice cream or fruit-filled dessert bar.


Fall officially begins on September 21st and goes all the way through the third week of December. What could be more beautiful than a fall wedding reception and ceremony in New England? The colors of the changing leaves, the cool seasonal breezes, the cozy comfort foods of the region and of course the amazing smell of bonfires, burning leaves and spices filling the air. While some of the later weeks in the season may bring snow and foul weather, smart brides know how to plan well to get the best dates for their fall wedding reception and celebration.

Fall wedding gowns, like spring wedding gowns, should be versatile, allowing the bride and her wedding party to make adjustments for cooler or warmer weather. Short or long-sleeved gowns would be preferable to sleeveless or spaghetti strapped apparel and warm, seasonal colors, such as rich reds, vibrant oranges and brilliant yellows will make for beautiful bridesmaids dresses and accessories for the groomsmen. Your groom’s suit or tuxedo can be a heavier weight material than for spring or summer, bringing in splashes of autumn color through the ties, vests and boutonnieres.

Fall wedding reception decor is easy. Choose deeper colors, such as eggplant, burgundy and gold to pair with your wedding colors to create stunning centerpieces, wedding cake floral displays and garland decor throughout the reception hall. Fall flowers, such as mums, roses and yellow daisies will look great when paired with natural combinations, such as dried wheat, tallow berries and fall leaves. Use pumpkins and other harvest items in with your decor to carry the theme throughout your fall wedding reception.

A traditional autumn meal can be served at your fall wedding reception. Speak with your wedding caterer in Medway for ideas on classic New England dishes that can be shared with guests. Choose from elegant roasted meats paired with heavier side dishes, such as squash or potatoes or serve local fare, such as clam chowder, corn bread and fresh seafood. Warm drinks, such as hot apple cider, coffee and tea should be offered in addition to cocktails and other beverages. For desserts consider seasonal favorites, such as baked apples, pumpkin cake and pecan pie.


Winter officially begins on December 21st but carries on all the way through the third week in March. When you think of a winter wedding, you might just think about Christmas or New Years themes, but Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day are also included in this season. You can choose to embrace the holidays of winter or ignore them altogether. Either way, there are lots of great options for a winter wedding reception.

Winter wedding gowns can be over the top in elegance, using rhinestones, lace and other embellishments to create a Winter Wonderland of beauty and grace. Long, flowing skirts and gowns can be worn by both the bride and the wedding party, with the groom and his groomsmen wearing formal tuxedos with all the trimmings. Splashes of color to liven up the wintry theme will be a welcome departure, weaving in metallic colors, neutral tones and bold, bright hues, depending on your overall theme. Beautiful wraps to keep the bride and bridesmaids warm on the journey to the ceremony and on the way to the reception will look amazing in your wedding photos.

Don’t be afraid to embrace all things that glitter for your winter wedding reception. Glittery snow adorned centerpieces, tree branches and garland will look great for just about any winter theme or holiday, especially when coupled with tiny white lights to add a little sparkle and shine. Choose from a wide variety of wintery flowers and pair them with evergreen, holly or even pine cones for a more rustic and natural theme. For brides on a budget, embracing the holidays can be a real savings on reception hall decor, as many party stores will have unique centerpieces and favor ideas that can be incorporated into your plans.

Speak with your wedding reception caterer in Medway for winter menu ideas. In addition to the roasted meats, heavier side dishes and comfort foods suggested for your fall wedding reception, your winter menu can include rich pastas, warm soups and layered vegetarian dishes. Desserts can include the traditional wedding cake, as well as wintery favorites that include ingredients such as local New England cranberries, blueberries and other spiced treats.

Planning Your Seasonal Wedding Reception

Whichever season you and your groom choose to have your wedding ceremony and reception in, make sure to speak with your caterer, wedding planner, reception venue manager and other vendors for ideas and suggestions that will help make your seasonal wedding a hit. These professionals have worked with many clients over the years and can help you to avoid making common wedding reception mistakes to ensure that you enjoy your special wedding day and reception celebration to the fullest.