Selecting the Best Flowers for Your Framingham Wedding Venue

Choosing the wedding flowers can be a difficult task, particularly when it comes to selecting the best floral wedding decorations for your wedding reception. The location of your reception is often already decorated to a certain degree, so it is important to make an appointment to take pictures of the venue so you can coordinate your wedding reception flowers with the look and feel of the decor.

If you have a wedding planner you can just push the job off onto a professional, however more and more brides are choosing to make these tough choices for themselves in hopes of creating a more personal wedding experience. You want to choose a theme that coordinates, including wedding flowers in Framingham for your ceremony and floral wedding decorations and centerpieces for your wedding reception in Milford. Here are some tips for choosing wedding flowers that will look fantastic at the reception hall on your very special day.

Match the Decor
One way to go about choosing wedding flowers for your reception is to match the decor of the venue. Some wedding reception halls are decorated in a specific theme or were built during a certain era, which can really set the tone for the rest of your floral wedding decorations and overall theme. If you haven’t chosen a particular scheme for your wedding reception flowers, look to the hall for ideas that can influence your decisions.

Create Your Own Style
You can also go the opposite way. Think about the wedding hall as a blank slate and just decorate it and choose your floral wedding decorations according to the theme or style that you have already chosen for your wedding reception. Some wedding reception halls are designed to be plain on purpose so they can be decorated according to the bride’s wishes. Make sure to ask about any restrictions on decorating ahead of time to ensure you don’t do anything to cause damage to the hall.

Focus on the Lighting
Another way to bring attention to your floral wedding decorations and other wedding reception decor is to focus on the lighting. When you choose your location, ask if there are any options available for custom lighting, if they have any suggestions or tips from past clients and what their policy is on using candles. Work your floral wedding decorations in and around the lighting to create a fantasy look and feel. Also, use lighting to put focus on other wedding reception flowers and decorations that you want guests to really notice.

Flowers in the Air
Another great idea for setting the mood is to focus on the ceiling. Find out if it’s okay to add hundreds of tiny little white lights or to drape fabric from the ceiling. You could also add swags of greenery or more floral wedding decorations and maybe even add hanging candle chandeliers. Anything you can hang from the ceiling will add to the overall ambiance of the venue.

Flowers on the Floor
You can also do something to customize the floor. Add linens to cover a carpet that doesn’t jive with the rest of your floral wedding decorations. When it comes to choosing wedding flowers, consider including rose petals or other types of flowers that can be added throughout the reception hall. Potted plants, trees, flowering bushes – anything that will draw the eye down. You want to create a complete 360-degree look for your guests to enjoy.

Create a Relaxing Garden
Just because you’re having your wedding reception indoors, doesn’t mean you can’t create a relaxing area for the wedding party and guests that resembles an outdoor garden. Wedding reception flowers can include wispy palm trees, potted cherry trees in bloom and or floral vines that decorate a comfortable seating area. Use antique furniture, lounge chairs and couches, along with wispy linens and other floral wedding decorations to create a memorable hang-out area.

Outside the Box
Sometimes it pays to think outside the box and choose wedding reception flowers and floral wedding decorations that are unusual or not commonly used at a wedding reception. When purchasing wedding flowers in Framingham, ask the florist about “roads less traveled” apart from the traditional roses, carnations and freesias. Consider potted plants for centerpieces or grapevines and tree branches to add texture and height. Bamboo shoots and flower-covered trellises are another great way to add a unique element to your wedding reception decor.

First Things First
Think about what your guests will see as they enter the reception hall. Consider adding floral wreaths, colorful candles on tables, hurricane lanterns on trees for outdoor entries or outdoor dancing, luminaries that light the way into the venue and any other embellishments made of flowers or lighting that you can think of. This is a great way to make a beautiful first impression and set the tone for your wedding reception.