Simple Guide for Planning a Summer Wedding in Massachusetts

Summer Wedding In MassachusettsIf you are thinking about planning your wedding in the middle of summer – good luck. Especially in the northeastern states, summer is the height of the wedding season. Start by choosing a reception hall and then find out right away whether it is available for your desired date. Better yet, don’t just pick a single date option for your wedding, but several. This will increase your chances of having a Milford wedding reception at the venue of your choice.

Planning a summer wedding can be hectic, but it doesn’t have to be. Start planning summer weddings in Massachusetts as soon as possible. While etiquette states that you should start planning anywhere between 12-18 months, you might be able to get away with less if the space you want is available. Find a venue that has room for you and all of your guests, plus additional areas for staging the different activities and features that you want to include on your special day. Ask about everything from hiring a DJ to choosing a menu, but once you find the right place – secure it with a deposit and get a contract.

Choosing a Reception Hall

Start by visiting The Crystal Room in Milford, MA. Our venue was recently renovated and updated to include options and amenities that the average banquet hall does not. From flat screens to a built-in sound system, plenty of parking, and on-site catering, you can do it all with less effort when you plan a Milford wedding reception at The Crystal Room. Our event coordinators can help you define all of the details, answering questions, going over the options in our Custom Wedding Package, and even providing you with contact information for pre-vetted local vendors. Many of the services we provide can help you save money and time while reducing stress considerably when planning a summer wedding.

Think About Summer Issues

While summer is the most popular season for hosting a wedding, due in large part to the accessibility of parks and other outdoor locations, as well as more options for florals, there are some definite things that must be overcome. Bugs, bugs, bugs, and more bugs. How can you set-up your wedding cake and dinner banquet when there are bugs all over the place? Choose to host the ceremony outdoors, but bring the reception indoors. Not only will it be a lot cooler indoors and you won’t have any of those sun squinty photos, but it will be bug-free. You get the best of both worlds – beautiful outdoor pictures and memories out in nature without having to wave flies away from your food during dinner service.

Some more things to consider about summer weddings in Massachusetts include:

  • Relief From the Heat – It’s always a good idea to offer your guests the option to come in from out of the sun during your wedding. Whether you just host the ceremony outdoors and the reception inside, make sure to offer a shaded area, such as a tent or some type of covering. You might even want to ask about portable air-conditioners if you are getting married during the hottest point of the summer, so no one gets heat stroke or passes out. Provide lots of ice-cold water bottles in addition to things like iced tea (sweetened and unsweetened), lemonade, and iced coffees. Keep refreshments readily available during both the ceremony and the reception.
  • Send Invites Early – A lot of people plan vacations during the summer months, so make sure that you send your invites by the end of January or early February for a summer wedding. If you aren’t ready to send all the details, at least consider sending a “save the date” card by mail. It will increase your positive RSVP notices and make it a lot easier for your guests to plan to attend. This is especially helpful if you have guests coming from out-of-town that might need to drive or fly in ahead of time.
  • Create a “Light Menu” – Work with the Milford wedding reception hall to choose lighter items to include in your menu. This will help guests to stay cool and refreshed during the celebration, rather than get weighed down mid-way through the reception. For example, a meaty pot roast and vegetables would be perfect for an autumn reception, but a light salad with some grilled chicken or sliced steak would be better in the summer. Carry the light theme throughout the menu from appetizers all the way to the dessert. Consider a summery flavor for your wedding cake or stick to the traditional white vanilla.
  • Choose Smart Wedding Party Attire – Consider your bridesmaids and groomsmen when choosing attire for summer weddings in Massachusetts. Cool materials that can breathe will be very welcome – even if you are only outdoors for a morning ceremony. The bride’s dress should also be made of a lighter fabric, such as silk. Shorter skirts might be a great choice to allow better airflow or consider a “wardrobe change” between the ceremony and the reception so you’ll stay cool and confident all day.

Tour The Crystal Room

As you start thinking about choosing a reception hall when planning a summer wedding, make sure to schedule a tour of our Milford wedding reception venue. The Crystal Room is a premier wedding venue and a popular choice of brides from all over Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to speak with one of our on-site event coordinators. We can answer any questions that you might have about our facility or provide you with details about pricing and availability.