So You Want to Have a Traditional Fancy New England Wedding

new-england-weddingOne of the best tips for Massachusetts brides that you can get is to learn how to work with what you’ve got. People come from all across the country to get married right here in your backyard, so why would you go anywhere else? Once you plan where you are going to host your fancy New England wedding, pick out your seasonal wedding colors (autumn, anyone?) and make plans for an elegant wedding reception, it’s time to choose where you will host the reception. With venues all over the region, it can be difficult to pick one. However, if you are in the local area that ranges from Boston to Providence, you will want to consider The Crystal Room in Milford, MA.

Hosting Your Wedding Reception in Milford, Massachusetts
There are many advantages to choosing a venue that is off the beaten path. Convenient to guests coming from all over New England, New Jersey and New York, The Crystal Room is just a minute off of the I-495 and has lots of ample parking. Keeping your reception away from the big city and far from the tourist spots is a great way to make sure that nothing interferes with your special day.

A traditional fancy New England wedding should incorporate all of the local and regional specialties that make the northeastern states stand out from the rest of the nation. But even if you aren’t hosting your wedding reception in the fall season, when the trees are at their most brilliant, there are still many things that are classic to the region that you should definitely include, depending on the time of year that you are planning on getting married.

Planning for the Seasons
While we’re on the topic of seasons in New England, several other important tips for Massachusetts brides have to do with seasonal issues. For those who want to hold a wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, check with the event planner to learn more about what is the “busy season” for weddings and when you might be able to catch a break or have more availability for your special day. Late spring is always a popular choice – no matter where you are in the world – but there are benefits to choosing to get married during other times of the year. There are pros and cons no matter what date you choose, as no one can predict a summer storm or a late season snow twelve months in advance, but as long as you know what to expect, you will be able to roll with whatever nature throws your way.

  • WINTER WEDDINGS – For a traditional wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, you can choose to work with the colors of the season. Winter white, silver, gold and a smattering of bold colors, including emerald and ruby, will all work beautifully for a winter wedding. Thanks to a popular movie, many brides are choosing “frozen” colors, including turquoise, hot pink and various shades of blue. Think about a winter backdrop for your wedding photos as well to help incorporate the theme.
  • SUMMER WEDDINGS – A popular time for a fancy New England wedding, the classic theme embraces the Cape Cod look and feel of seaside ceremonies. Don’t be afraid to ask about air conditioning. If you are having an outdoor wedding, consider a morning ceremony and then finish off the day at the elegant wedding reception with comfortable air conditioning. Think about seasonal wedding colors that you want to incorporate into your palette, including pastels, pinkish whites, muted yellows and, of course, the colors of local wildflowers. Seaside shades of blues, grays and whites are also popular and just scream “New England,” especially to guests coming in from out of town.
  • FALL WEDDINGS – While the local area is busy with tourists who come out to see the beautiful colors and enjoy the clean, crisp air, autumn is a glorious season that locals can get out and enjoy as well. Beautiful ceremonies in front of old barns, apple orchards and colorful trees are very popular, but as the weather can be difficult to predict, it is always good to host your fancy New England wedding reception indoors at a well-designed and conveniently located venue. Seasonal wedding colors this time of year are easy and many tips for Massachusetts brides include adding some of our famous fall leaves in their bouquets.
  • SPRING WEDDINGS – Perhaps the most popular time of year to host weddings, the seasonal weddings colors for spring are often quite similar to summer. Whites, pastels and a touch of other colors here and there, as well as a lot of green. Trends come and go, but the traditional colors remain. Late spring weddings in May and June are often the most popular. Early spring weddings in New England have the potential to be very wet with a lot of rain, puddles and mud. Depending on where you will be hosting your ceremony and wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, you will want to make sure to have a Plan B just in case it rains.

While no one can control the weather, making sure that you host your fancy New England wedding at a classic venue will ensure that you do have an elegant wedding reception that people will be talking about for months after the honeymoon is over. If you are interested in hosting a wedding reception at The Crystal Room in Milford, MA, give us a call at 508-478-7800 or use our online contact form to inquire about available dates and service options.