South Coast Wedding Planner for a Classic Wedding Reception

Just because you want to have a traditional ceremony and a classic wedding reception does not mean that you are stuck including activities that you don’t like. The most important thing you need to know when planning a wedding is that you do not have to do anything you don’t want to do. While there are certain requirements for the ceremony itself in order to ensure that everything is legal, anything else that comes after is totally up to you. Want to host a brunch instead of dinner? Do you hate the idea of tossing the bouquet? Does dancing make you nervous? Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to do things a certain way. While you don’t want to become a pushy, obnoxious “bridezilla” on your wedding day, this IS your day, and you should be able to include and exclude whatever you and your spouse-to-be want.

Reception Staging Ideas

Traditionally, there are tables for guests in rounds and a focal table that is either for the entire wedding party or a sweetheart table that is just for the couple. However, you can choose to have family-style seating with long tables to keep everyone together for the celebration. You could also use rectangular tables instead of rounds, choose fancy chair coverings instead of standard wedding seating, or forgo classic centerpieces to provide guests with a Willy Wonka worthy candy display on each table instead. This is your day, from the dress that you wear to the way that you leave the classic wedding reception at the end of the night – it is all up to you.

Make a list of the things that matter most, such as having a live band or DJ to play music, making space for dancing, or hanging out with guests. If you want a traditional cake, be sure to include that; but if you want cupcakes or cheesecakes or dessert tables, go ahead and to that instead. Work closely with the venue and, if you use a South Coast wedding planner, make sure you are clear about what you want. If there are certain things you do not want to be included, such as the garter belt toss or a reception line for guests, make sure to stress that as well. Young couples often believe that they have to do things a certain way when planning a wedding, but that is not true. Even if you prefer traditional and classic things, you can pick and choose certain activities, decor items, and portions of reception staging ideas to omit for your special day.

Reception Menu Ideas

The advantage of choosing a venue for your classic wedding reception that offers in-house catering is that there are usually lots of options that can be selected to make your celebration very special. For example, our premier venue at The Crystal Room features a wide selection of menu items that can accommodate nearly any taste preference or theme. We have items for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktail parties, and late-night snacks. Choose from an open bar situation or create your own custom drinks to share with family and friends. Prefer an alcohol-free event? That can be arranged as well when you work with our venue and your South Coast wedding planner. Having a whole team of professionals working on your side to make your wedding dreams come true can be extremely helpful throughout the entire process.

Work with our team to discuss your reception menu ideas, consider our four-course plated menu options, or talk about additional refreshments that you would like to serve. We can even assist by providing wedding cake enhancements, cake service, and other dessert options to reflect your tastes and interests. If you want to have a toast at the beginning of the reception, we can include that in your schedule. If you want to offer valet parking to your guests, we can provide that as well. The point is when you work with a professional venue like The Crystal Room, you can expect to get everything you want – and more. Our team of highly trained and experienced event coordinators, managers, caterers, and service professionals are here to ensure that you have a memorable and stress-free wedding day.

Choose the Best Options for You

Discuss your ideas with your spouse-to-be and come up with a plan for your classic wedding reception. Once you have a budget, know the number of guests that you want to invite, and have a preferred date list for the big day, contact our team. We can schedule a tour of the facility, go over your reception staging ideas and menu preferences, and meet with you and your South Coast wedding planner to start firming up plans. Call today at 508-478-7800 and see for yourself why so many brides choose The Crystal Room for their special wedding day.