Southcoast Wedding Planner: Private Wedding Ceremony Benefits

private wedding ceremony in massachusettsExchanging vows with the person you want to be with for the rest of your life is a very intimate and personal moment. However, tradition dictates that we share this event with close family, friends, and pretty much anyone we have ever come in contact with throughout our lives. Neighbors, co-workers, high school friends, our parents’ business partners, extended aunts, uncles, cousins, and that random guy that neither side of the family dares to claim as their own – the list can go on and on if you’re not careful. Who says you need to get married in front of 1,000 people or more? Can you keep this milestone to yourself and simply invite everyone out to party with you afterward?

More and more couples are choosing to host a private wedding ceremony, either at a religious venue, a local park, the courthouse, or even at the same site where the Milford wedding reception will be held. There are many reasons for doing this. Some choose to limit the number of guests at the ceremony, yet want to celebrate with extended family and friends after the ceremony. Others are trying to plan a wedding on a budget and want to keep the numbers small. Whatever your reason for wanting to reduce the number of guests, make sure to keep reading these tips for Massachusetts brides on how to pull it off in style. Exploring the pros and cons can help you choose the options that will work best for you.

Advantage #1 – Less Stress

One of the biggest stress factors at a wedding for the bride and the groom is the ceremony itself. We have heard of people who passed out at the altar, got cold feet, and almost called the whole thing off, or that literally got sick just because of the stress surrounding the ceremony. If the pressure associated with all of those guests and eyeballs staring at you in one of the most monumental, yet intimate situations in your life is getting you down, consider a private wedding ceremony. Choose your closest family members, such as parents, siblings, and grandparents, along with your wedding party for this part of the event.

Don’t create more stress in an attempt to reduce it: make sure that all guests know who will be present at the ceremony and who is invited to the reception. Start discussing your plans as soon as possible so no one will feel “cut off” or offended by your decision.

Advantage #2 – Reduced Cost

Instead of having to book a venue for the ceremony and another for your Milford wedding reception, you will only have to invest in and focus on choosing a venue for the “after-party” when everyone is invited to the celebration. While there might be smaller costs for an officiant and location for the private wedding ceremony, it will be a fraction of what you would pay to rent an entire building, church, or park location to accommodate all of your guests. Speak with the venue to find out if you might be able to host the ceremony on-site before guests arrive for the reception to make it even more affordable.

Advantage #3 – Do It Your Way

More great tips for Massachusetts brides and grooms include having the confidence to do things the way you want to do them. Want a classic reception? Go for it! Prefer something a bit more modern or casual? Most Milford wedding reception venues can help you make it happen. The truth is that you can still keep your reception guest list small or make it more of a casual affair, laid back event with a help-yourself-buffet instead of a plated meal. Nix the DJ or band and skip traditional events, such as cutting the cake or tossing the bouquet. Bring along your own playlist, work with the venue to choose a custom menu, and decorate according to your preferences. This is your day; you should do it your way!

Advantage #4 – Consider a “No Gift” Policy

Today’s couples often already have a house full of kitchen items, linens, and keepsakes that they have purchased throughout their relationships. In cases of second marriages or a wedding later in life, most typical wedding gifts are just not needed. To avoid guests feeling as though you are only hosting the Milford wedding reception as a way to get gifts, consider putting “no gifts please” in your invitations. This approach will help you to plan a wedding on a budget, have that private wedding ceremony you desire, and not worry about stepping on anyone’s toes. You can also skip the “wedding favor” tradition and focus instead on providing a quality meal, fun decorations, and just dance the night away without all that pressure.

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