Southeastern Massachusetts Brides: Classic Wedding Reception

classic wedding reception massachusettsWhat is a classic wedding reception? If you are planning a Milford wedding reception, the chances are good that you have been going over all of your options and are trying to figure out what you want to include on your wedding day. Southeastern Massachusetts brides who want to go with a classic theme can refer to traditional wedding guides that include everything from the bridal party attire to a schedule for the reception. When choosing wedding reception locations near Pawtucket for your Southcoast wedding, make sure that the venue will have enough space to accommodate all of your plans for a classic wedding reception.

The Cocktail Hour & Dinner Service

After the ceremony, most traditional weddings offer guests a cocktail hour. During this time the wedding photos are taken at a different location or area on the same property. Guests are entertained with hors d’oeuvres, passed drinks, and the opportunity to meet and mingle with other guests. Assigned seating at the Milford wedding reception will help guests know where to sit when the invitation to dinner is announced, approximately 30 minutes to an hour after the “cocktail hour” is planned.

Once everyone is seated, the emcee or DJ will formally introduce the couple to their guests so they can make a grand entrance. Some couples choose to also include family members, such as the parents and grandparents, along with the wedding party, in this introduction. Once the couple arrives, tradition states that the parents should come together to do a welcome toast, thanking all the guests for coming and talking a bit about the couple. Once the toasts are over, dinner can be served. Allow at least 45 minutes to an hour for dinner service, depending on the type of meal that you choose. Wedding party toasts, including the best man, should be scheduled in between courses.

The First Dance and Parent Dances

The next step is to bring everyone to the dance floor area for the first dance of the bride and the groom. All eyes are on the couple as they share this special moment, preferably to a song that they have chosen to represent their relationship or life going forward. Parent dances have become more and more popular and are now considered to be part of a classic wedding reception. Southeastern Massachusetts brides can have a special moment with their fathers, grandfathers, or other father figures, while grooms will have a dance with their mother, grandmother, or another mother figure. Once the parent dances are over, make sure the DJ or band is ready to change things up to a fun and lively dance to invite all guests out on the dance floor.

During this time you can also schedule all of the other classic wedding reception activities:

  • tossing the bouquet
  • tossing the garter
  • any other religious, cultural, or preferred activities
  • mingling with the guests, saying thank-yous and accepting congratulations
  • opening up the photo booth to invite guests to take pictures
  • cake cutting and cake service to guests

Wrapping Things Up

Open dancing should occur for the remainder of the Milford wedding reception. When that time is coming to a close, the DJ or emcee should announce that the last song is about to be played. Once that is finished, instructions should be given to the guests as to where they need to be for the grand exit of the bride and groom. There are different ways to invite guests to participate in this process at wedding reception locations near Pawtucket. Some ring bells, others blow bubbles, a few even hand out lightsabers or swords for the couple to pass under as they make their way out the door to leave on their honeymoon. Whatever you decide, make sure to confirm that it is okay with the venue before just assuming it will be alright.

Be sure to have a team of family members, wedding party participants, and friends gather after the classic wedding reception to perform clean-up duties. Again, check with the venue to find out your responsibilities regarding removing decorations and cleaning up after the reception is over. This will help you to avoid extra charges and ensure that you are able to keep all of your decorative items after the wedding is over. The maid of honor can be in charge of facilitating the clean-up, as well as a parent, sibling, or another family member. Go over all of the plans and duties well in advance to avoid any misunderstandings.

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