Southeastern Massachusetts Wedding Reception Guide to Favors

When it comes time to start thinking about selecting the favors you will give to your guests at a wedding, make sure to think outside the box. At the height of the wedding season, guests can expect to get an unlimited supply of pastel-colored Jordan almonds and a bunch of other things that they probably can’t or won’t use. Take this opportunity to do something different with your wedding reception near Worcester, MA. Choose to incorporate seasonal wedding colors or a theme to create something really special. While personalized wine glasses are a nice touch for the wedding reception, how many guests are going to use these at home? You want to provide something nice to say thank-you for attending the wedding, but if you are hosting a budget wedding reception and money is tight, being creative with favors at the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall can help.

Useful and Practical Gift Ideas

While personalized items are not practical for every type of gift that is given, there are ways to say thank-you, include information about your wedding date, and provide guests with a practical gift at your budget wedding reception. Simple home decor pieces, such as coasters, mason jars, baskets, cups, bottle openers, and photo frames, can be reused and kept by guests. You can choose on-trend or theme-appropriate items and then personalize the back or add a thank-you card tied on with a ribbon to express your gratitude. Other gifts that are practical and, in many cases, quite stunning, can be gifted in a simple cellophane bag or box and then tied with a ribbon in your seasonal wedding colors. Homemade soaps, candles, cookies, mini champagne bottles, hot cocoa mix, and other surprising gifts are quite popular among guests.

Keeping Costs Under Control

While you don’t want to spend the weeks leading up to your wedding crafting like a crazy person, it can be fun to enlist the help and support of your wedding party to prepare favors for your wedding reception near Worcester, MA. Even if your bridal squad is not particularly crafty, you can still have them put items in bags or boxes, tie a simple ribbon, or help you sort through decorations. It can be a fun day spent together catching up, talking about plans for the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall, and sharing some refreshments. Invite everyone to bring their bridesmaids gowns and do a fashion show. Discuss makeup options, footwear, and accessories – just make it a whole fun day that will get everyone excited about the upcoming wedding.

Presentation Ideas for Favors

Most brides will simply have the favors placed on the guest tables or have them in a basket for guests to take at the end of the evening. No one has to know that you have planned a budget wedding reception and worked hard to save on costs. Presentation can make even the most simple gift appear elegant. Work with the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall to get recommendations for handing out favors. You don’t want guests to leave early or walk by the basket and miss the favors on their way out, but if you do a cocktail party or another type of standing food service arrangement, you might not have the option to place favors at tables. Think about ways to glam up the favors as well, including the use of colorful wrappings, boxes, ribbons, and other materials that further enhance the theme of seasonal wedding colors used on your special day.

Wedding Tools as Favors

Another great idea that many couples will use is to offer favors that can be used during the wedding reception near Worcester, MA. A winter wedding might mean guests that are cold or chilly because they did not prepare for the evening drop in temperature. Mittens, gloves, scarfs, and warm socks in baskets could be just what they need to stay later at the budget wedding reception and dance the night away. A summer wedding might mean warm temperatures and hot sun outdoors. Consider handing out sunscreen, colorful fans, flip flops, sunglasses, or hats to help keep your guests cool and prevent sunburn. You can personalize these items, choose options that are in your seasonal wedding colors, or simply create a fun and creative sign to put next to them that will make it fun and memorable.

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