Staging Ideas for a Wedding Reception Hall in Massachusetts

staging-ideasWhile the main focus of your wedding will be the actual ceremony where you finally say “I do,” many of your guests will be looking forward to enjoying themselves and celebrating your marriage at the wedding reception. Whether you decide to throw a budget wedding reception or if you are looking at more of a classic wedding reception, it is important to think about everything that you want to include and how you want it all to look when everyone arrives at the venue. This article will focus on some popular Milford reception staging ideas that you can used at your wedding reception hall in Massachusetts to create a truly unforgettable celebration experience for you, your new spouse, your family and all of your friends.

Tips for a Budget Wedding Reception

If you do not have a lot of money to spend on decorations for your wedding reception, consider the things that are most important. When you choose the venue, pick a place that already has the look and feel that you desire for your special day. A place like The Crystal Room, which has been beautifully designed and set up to accommodate a wide variety of wedding themes and decor, is a great place to start. The elegant design of the venue will immediately help you to create the mood or style of your wedding reception without requiring you to spend a lot of money on decorations.

  • LIGHTING – Speak with the venue regarding lighting options. The Crystal Room has ambient up-lighting available that can help set the stage for a classic wedding reception – even on a budget. Consider adding white Christmas lights. They are used for outdoor weddings and can even be used indoors around tables or around the wedding cake. The immediately create a festive mood that everyone will appreciate.
  • FOCAL FEATURES – The venue can also help you to create a focal feature for your guests to enjoy or take pictures in front of during the party at the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts. Fountains, centerpieces, artwork, sculptures, statues – make sure to look around and see what is available or what can be included.
  • TABLES AND CHAIRS – A lot of focus is put on creating a beautiful table for your wedding party and guests to enjoy. Simple white tablecloths on the tables with classic centerpieces or modern interpretations, combined with simple, yet elegant wide ribbons tied to the backs of the chairs can create a beautiful effect without having to rent, buy or make custom items.
  • PHOTOS AS DECOR – A popular trend is to put your engagement photos and photos taken throughout your relationship out on display during the reception. New ways of creating these custom Milford reception staging ideas, such as hanging 8×10 photos from a clothesline with wooden or colorful clothespins or dangling the photos from ribbons that hang from lighting or the ceiling can also look beautiful and be an interactive feature that your guests will enjoy.

Classic Wedding Reception Themes

If you are looking for more of a classic or traditional type of decor for your budget wedding reception, there are a couple of ideas to consider. When thinking about Milford reception staging ideas, remember to keep it simple. That will help you stay on budget, prevent you from going overboard with the decorations and keep the focus on your and your new spouse. It is important to be careful when choosing decorations for contemporary or classic wedding reception parties. You don’t want your theme to come off looking more like a high school prom than an elegant and classy wedding reception.

  • BLACK TIE – Instead of going overboard with color, many brides choose a classic wedding reception theme of black tie and white backgrounds. This could match your wedding party attire, outfitting the groom and wedding party in all black or black-and-white combinations. Extend the black tie event to the guests and let them know in the invitations that the entire event will be black and white theme attire and decorations only. Most guests will already have something black or white to wear, making it easy for them to match the wedding theme colors.
  • EARTH-FRIENDLY – Many brides and grooms are choosing a more earth-friendly approach to their weddings, eliminating decorative items and elements that consume a lot of resources, sticking with eco-positive fabrics, centerpieces and other organic elements. Speak with the venue event planner to find out about budget wedding reception ideas that would fit in this type of theme.
  • SEASONAL – Take advantage of the season that you have your wedding. Winter weddings can be all white and silver with snowflakes or other wintry decorations that can be purchased at craft stores and other decor shops. Fall weddings can include actual autumn leaves, twigs, pumpkins and other seasonal items. Summer weddings can feature centerpieces made of vases filled with lemons or flowers, summertime wildflowers and other things that just scream summer. Spring weddings are a great time to use lots of flowers, pastel colors and airy fabrics at the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts.
  • VINTAGE – A very popular trend right now, vintage items are all the rage. Floral or vintage fabrics for the bride, wedding party and even extending on to centerpieces, flower ribbons, seat covers and everything else included in Milford reception staging ideas can all be connected together seamlessly with this type of theme. Old, antique and even new items made to look vintage can be used. Painted mason jars with wildflowers or other seasonal items make fantastic centerpieces and old fabric or ribbons can be used to add splashes of color to the cake table, gift table and table for the wedding party.

Choose Your Venue for a Classic Wedding Reception

If you are looking for a wedding reception hall in Massachusetts for your classic or budget wedding reception, look no further than The Crystal Room. Our team of wedding planners and coordinators can help you with all of your Milford reception staging ideas, themes, decorations, catering, entertainment and other elements important to your wedding reception. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to find out more about all of the services that we provide to our clients or stop by our location in Milford, Massachusetts to take a look at the rooms available to host your wedding reception.