Strategy for Stress-Free Wedding Dress Shopping in New England

Stress Free Dress Shopping in New EnglandPlanning out the day that you will marry the love of your life should be a wonderful time filled with memories and happiness. Unfortunately, many brides get stressed out because of all the things that need to be done to plan a New England wedding. From choosing the right seasonal wedding colors to picking out menus, tasting cakes, selecting decorations, and writing invitations, it can quickly become overwhelming. One of the most important milestones in planning a marriage is wedding dress shopping in New England. There are so many excellent bridal shops in the Greater Boston area that have a little something for everyone. Whether you want a classic, traditional wedding or something a bit quirky, it is important to figure out what you want and choose the very best dress for your special day.

Create a Budget

Weddings and budgets should go hand-in-hand. From knowing how much you have to spend on food and decor to reserving reception locations in Milford, MA, this is an important step. Weddings can quickly get out of control if you don’t stay on budget, and that includes the all-important wedding dress and accessories. Statistics show that most brides spend approximately 10 percent of the total wedding budget on the wedding dress. You can also decide to create separate budgets, one for the dress and accessories and another for everything else. It all depends on how you like to do things. Some brides do better when everything is compartmentalized.

Shop Early

Tradition states that weddings should be planned approximately one year in advance. However, in modern times, many couples make their way down the aisle in a fraction of that time. If you want a custom dress or semi-custom alterations, most bridal shops will need at least four to five months to complete the work, depending on the time of year. Spring and summer are definitely the big wedding season in Southeastern Massachusetts, so it pays to start as soon as you can. This will take the most time out of any of the other tasks pertaining to wedding planning, so the sooner you pick out a gown, the better. Securing a dress is as vital to the overall wedding plan as securing reception locations in Milford, MA to ensure you get your desired date.

Start Looking Online

Give yourself a head start. Begin by making a love/hate list of bridal designs and materials. Satin and lace, poofy or modest – take stock of the things that you want in a wedding dress to help reduce the number of frustrations you will get at not finding the perfect dress. Sleeves or no sleeves, with a long train or tea length – these may seem like basic distinctions, but it helps to have it all written out and share it with the bridal shop owner.

Type of Wedding

Another way to help you find the best dress is to think about what kind of wedding you will be having. Is your ceremony out on the Cape and the celebration held at reception locations in Milford, MA? You will want a nice, flowing “beachy” dress for saying your vows that will look great in photos and make you feel pretty. However, you will also want to make sure that the dress is appropriate for the banquet hall and that it will work with your favorite or seasonal wedding colors. Is the wedding formal or semi-formal? Will the men be wearing tuxedos or suits? All of this information will help you when you go wedding dress shopping in New England.

Make an Appointment

Contact the dress shop ahead of time to make an appointment for a private and relaxing experience. Bring a handful of people who can help you make a decision, like your mother, maid of honor, best friend, or sister. A big crowd can cause decision-making to be even more confusing. Plan a nice day out with a brunch or luncheon and maybe even a spa day. This will help you to look forward to it and be more relaxed leading up to shopping day. Bring along any items that you want to wear, such as shoes or jewelry. It is suggested that you wear a strapless nude-colored bra and seamless underwear so it won’t affect the fit of the gown. Don’t worry about sizes. Advise the dress shop of your regular clothing size, but understand that they will take in or let out a dress based on your exact measurements.

Secure Reception Locations in Milford, MA

Make sure to take a tour of The Crystal Room when planning your New England wedding. Located just a minute off the I-495, we are a popular venue for weddings of all sizes and themes in the South Coast region. Stop by and see the facility, speak with our on-site event coordinator, and discuss your ideas for everything from live bands to seasonal wedding colors and decorations. Our Custom Wedding packages make it easy to plan a beautiful wedding. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour or check on availability.