Summer Wedding Themes for Reception Locations in Milford, MA

Whether you are planning a modern or classic wedding reception for the summer at reception locations in Milford, MA, it is important to choose a theme that reflects not just the season, but also your personality. While some couples choose to follow the latest trends, you certainly don’t have to follow suit. However, choosing a theme of some kind will help you fill out all the details of your special day. Not only will a theme help you with everything from wedding reception activities to reception menu ideas, but it will also help you choose the color palette that you will use for decorations, cake design, and your bridal party.

Cape Cod/Beach Theme
Getting married in New England has its benefits. While you might not be able to afford a grand celebration out on the Cape, you can certainly bring the elements of the lifestyle to your wedding in Milford. The traditional Cape Cod style or beach theme is popular all across the country, but what better place to see it all played out than right here in Southeastern Massachusetts. After all, you have access to the real deal and can plan your decorations and wedding reception activities to match the theme perfectly. The location is important to any celebration, so being in close proximity to the freshest seafood on the east coast can work in your favor as well. Plan your reception menu ideas, cake design, dance music, reception hall decorations, and other key elements around the whole beach theme for a summer wedding and your guests will have a time to remember.

Rustic Theme
One theme that never goes out of style is the rustic or shabby chic theme. Popular with barn and rural weddings, suburban and even city brides have embraced this fun idea. A rustic theme is great for the bride who loves natural, seasonal wildflowers and simple decorations. But simple doesn’t have to be elegant, as this is a great theme for even the most traditional or classic wedding reception. Natural fabrics, simple textures, and a wide range of color schemes can be used with this type of theme. Music, decorations, clothing for the bridal party, favors, place settings, and even the reception menu ideas can all reflect this easygoing theme. Check online for examples of elegant rustic or even out-right country rustic wedding reception activities, decorations, and staging ideas. You might be surprised at how perfect this theme is for your favorite reception locations in Milford, MA.

Floral Theme
While it might seem obvious to choose a floral theme for a summer wedding, there are ways to put your own unique spin on this seasonal favorite. Check with local growers, farmers markets, and florists for seasonal blooms that match your color scheme. Don’t feel that you just have to stick with pastels, as there are lots of bright and brilliant summer colors that you can use to liven up your palette. Darker and deeper pink, purple, orange, red, and blue, are all part of summer flowers that many people overlook when choosing a color scheme for their classic wedding reception. Incorporate florals into everything from table decorations to your cake design, consider using floral napkins, floral patterns in bridesmaids dresses and ties for the groomsmen – just use it sparingly and with other coordinating colors to avoid overdoing it with blooms!

Nautical Theme
Another popular theme for New England weddings at reception locations in Milford, MA is a nautical theme. What is more “summer” in the northeastern region than a smattering of navy, white, red, gold, and other accent colors? A nautical theme makes people think about summers out on the water, fresh ocean breezes, and lots of sunshine. Anchors, sea birds, boats, and other nautical imagery can be used throughout your decor and wedding reception activities. You can take advantage of local seafood fare for this theme as well, incorporating fresh fish and other elements into reception menu ideas. A nautical theme can also be a lot of fun to use throughout your wedding elements, including invitations, bridal shower, parties for the groom, and even the wedding cake.

Lemons/Lemonade Theme
What screams summer more than bright, sunshine-yellow lemons and lemonade? This is a popular choice for spring and summer weddings, as there are so many fun things that you can do with lemons. Fill a glass vase with beautiful fresh lemons and you’ve got an instant centerpiece with or without flowers. Yellow is a great accent color as well, so it goes great with a lot of other hues that can be mixed in to create a fun and memorable celebration at reception locations in Milford, MA. You can even do fun things with favors – lemon drops instead of the traditional Jordan almonds, wedding reception activities, reception menu ideas, and much more. Serve your guests lemonade, Arnold Palmers (lemonade + iced tea), and other refreshing drinks over ice or create lemonade inspired cocktails for the grown-ups!

Plan Your Classic Wedding Reception at The Crystal Room
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