Summer Wedding: Tips for Planning a Reception in New England

Summer Wedding PlanningOne of the most beautiful times to plan a Milford wedding reception is in the summer. New England just seems to come alive with all of the green grasses, beautiful trees, flowers in bloom and gorgeous blue skies – it’s nature’s way of paying us back for a long and dreary winter. Summer weddings can be some of the most popular types of wedding to plan, but unlike a temperate springtime or fall wedding, it is important not to forget some of the pitfalls associated with hosting a summer wedding. Check out these tips for Massachusetts brides that can help you throw a beautiful summertime wedding reception to remember!

Choose the Location
The first step in planning a reception in New England is in choosing a location to host your celebration. Outdoor locations may be tempting, but they can be tricky, as sudden summer rains or extremely hot conditions could spoil your special day. It pays to have a “plan B” for spring and summer weddings, so make sure to ask the venue about ways that you could move your wedding indoors. However, your best bet is to plan an indoor wedding and use outdoor locations for photos or special activities that can be left off the schedule if the weather does not cooperate. When scouting for reception locations in Milford, MA, make sure to consider The Crystal Room, a well-appointed venue with tons of parking, beautiful ballrooms and a complete wedding package option.

Sun Protection
Even if you host the ceremony and reception indoors, the sun can be harsh on your wedding skin. Just moving outdoors to indoors or going out for wedding party photos can be tough, especially with off-the-shoulder gowns. Consider using sunscreen and protective lip gloss for you and the wedding party if you plan on any outdoor photos. Also, if your guests will be spending any time outdoors, consider adding sunscreen, lip protection or sunglasses to any favor baskets you provide. Another fun idea is to toss in some special wedding flip-flops for a summer wedding. This will be greatly appreciated by the girls, as an invitation to kick off their wedding heels and enjoy some dancing out on the floor. Plus, it just adds to the carefree summertime vibe that you are creating with your decor.

Keeping Cool
Consider having one of your attendants carry a large umbrella to keep you out of the sun. For outdoor ceremonies, create a wedding arch that provides protection from the sun. Consider using tents to provide cool coverage into the Milford wedding reception location and speak with the venue about air conditioning and other ways to keep everyone cool throughout the event. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides that is a way to help keep your guests cool, is to offer a complimentary water, lemonade or sweet tea stand for them to get a cool and refreshing drink. Some brides do this at both the ceremony location and the reception, to help keep everyone hydrated. It’s a nice touch that can enhance your summer wedding theme.

Cocktails & Catering
Make sure to speak with the reception locations in Milford, MA about the cocktails that will be served and the food that you are choosing for your menu. Try to steer toward lighter fare in the summer months to ensure that people will want to eat the food you are serving. If money is tight, ask about a light hors d’ oeuvres menu or buffet style service instead of a plated dinner. This could kill two birds with one stone, providing your guests with a light meal and reducing your per-guest cost. Ask the wedding planner at the local event venue to find out about all your options that will help you to throw a very memorable summertime wedding. Tropical cocktails instead of an open bar can also help to reduce over-indulging, cut costs and keep the theme of your wedding intact.

Reception Decorations
When planning a reception in New England, make sure to have a theme in mind before you start decorating or making other plans. When most people think about New England, they think about the coastal area, which is why beach and nautical themes are the most popular in this region. There are many ways to take these basic ideas and make them your own. Speak with the Milford wedding reception venue about the type of decor you are able to have and ask about any included items, such as table linens and colorful napkins, that could help you to create your theme. Instead of expensive flowers as centerpieces, get creative and find new ways to work your theme into each guest table, wedding party table, cake table and gift table with smart decorative items.

Visit The Crystal Room in Milford, MA
As you start making plans for your celebration at reception locations in Milford, MA, make sure to stop in and take a tour of The Crystal Room. Our team will help you review the wedding packages and venue options available that will help you to host a beautiful summer wedding. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides that we can offer is to start looking early, choose your Milford wedding reception and begin contacting vendors as soon as possible when planning a reception in New England for the summer. This is one of the busiest times of the year, so the sooner you can secure your venue, the better. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour or to reserve our venue for your special day.