Taking Advantage of Seasonal Wedding Colors in Milford, MA

Autumn Season WeddingMillions of visitors come to the New England region to spend billions of dollars each year just to see the breath-taking reds, oranges and yellows of our local fall foliage. As residents of Southeastern Massachusetts, sometimes we forget just how beautiful it can all be, especially when we have to rake all those leaves up when they fall. However, when planning a wedding ceremony and reception for this time of year, it’s a good idea to embrace the season and choose seasonal wedding colors for your special day. There are a lot of great trends in wedding planning and wedding reception activities, that would benefit from some of our natural colors and seasonal offerings.

Color Pairings & Accents
One way to really enhance the look and feel of your elegant wedding reception in the fall, is to pair dusty shaded pastels with the darker shades of the season. Choose seasonal wedding colors to decorate your reception location in Milford, MA, such as burgundy, plum and dark green. Then pair those colors with some accent shades, such as dusty rose, light orange and golden-yellow. You can even bring in metallic hues, including yellow gold, rose gold and tarnished brass. These shades can be used to create anything from an old-fashioned Victorian wedding to a modern coastal theme.

Ideas for Wedding Cakes
Another amazing trend that includes simple wedding cakes that are adorned with flowers and greenery instead of fondant, thick frosting and fancy toppers, can also be used with your seasonal wedding colors. Locally sourced autumn flowers and a smattering of colored leaves can adorn your cake and your tables to create a cohesive plan of decoration at your reception. Carry the theme throughout all of your wedding reception activities, including cutting the cake, making the first toast, tossing the bouquet, tossing the garter belt, as well as anything else you decide to include.

BONUS TIP – Many of today’s cakes feature frosting-free layers that are joined by custard fillings, adorned with fresh fruit and seasonal blooms, and perhaps a sprinkling of powdered sugar. The term “naked cake” is often used, however these cakes are actually a nod to classic European style wedding cakes that were once in vogue for simple community or church weddings, as well as backyard celebrations, making them perfect for seasonal wedding colors at your New England elegant wedding reception.

Fall Decoration Ideas
As the temperatures begin to drop, hosting an evening celebration at reception locations in Milford, MA can help to create an air of whimsy and anticipation. Consider decorating your event with garlands, LED tea light candles, white holiday twinkle lights and, of course, seasonal wedding colors. Create an elegant touch with tall candles and candelabra, or decide to go rustic and include baskets, bushels and tarnished metal candle holders to adorn your guest tables and event areas for wedding reception activities. Don’t just decorate at eye level, work with your on-site wedding coordinator to decorate from ceiling to floor with beautiful seasonal hues and theme items.

Top Trends in Flowers
Many brides who plan weddings in the fall will often use fresh picked bouquets of local wildflowers, greens and seasonal items, such as pine cones and berries. Wine-colored flowers, accented by wheat greens and leaf branches, as well as other arrangements that feature little pops of color, can really help to accentuate your overall seasonal wedding colors at your reception location in Milford, MA. Work these blooms and hues into your bridal bouquet, as well as flowers for the bridal party and special family members. Non-traditional add-ins can be included in tabletop arrangements and bouquets, such as small leafy twigs, thistles and rustic-looking vines for even more dynamic results.

Specialty Cocktails for the Reception
Instead of hosting an open bar or only serving basic beers and wines, many couples are choosing to create their own unique cocktails with an expert bartender. A cocktail that embraces the flavors of the season, such as cinnamon, apple, pear or cranberry, coupled with colors and adornments that coordinate with the theme for your elegant wedding reception, can be a feature that will impress your guests and keep them talking about it long after the last dance. You can also feature a drink station that includes gourmet coffees and teas, served both hot and cold, as well as apple cider, hot cocoa or anything else that works with your theme or expresses who you are as a couple.

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